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ďThere is no great genius
without some touch of madness.Ē

Name:(real name: Vestia of the de Sismondi) Alessandra de Sismondi

Age: (18 When changed) 2062

Date of Birth: June 19, 53 BC

Place of Birth: Ancient Rome, Modern day Italy

Height: 5í9

Hair color: light brown

Eye color: blue

Build: Thin and lanky

If you are looking for my story, than I shall tell it to you. However, I should warn you that it is not a nice story. In fact, it isnít even a happy story. At least not until we get to the end. Even then, I do not expect things to turn out nicely. My life has been a series of rather terrible events I should say. Of course none of these events were in my control. On the contrary the few things I had control over my life, happened so long ago that it seems rather irrelevant.

So, on with my story. My name is Alessandra de Sismondi. Or rather, that is what I prefer to be called now. The name I was given at my birth however was Vestia of the Sismondi. I was born to a prominent ancient Roman Family whom had ties among the elite of the ancient Roman world at the time. My mother was the daughter of a very wealthy politician who was friends with Caesar. My fatherís family were very wealthy merchants whom had originated from Venice. So, I grew up in a very wealthy household.

It was decided when I was born that I should become a Vestal Virgin, much to my dismay. I had little choice in the matter, and my parents signed a contract, promising me to the Vestalís. My twin brother Vestus, was to be a politician as our grandfather was. Neither of us had a choice, I may add once again. So at the age of ten we were separated. I went to live with the Vestalís promising to remain with them for the next thirty years and my brother was sent to my Grandfather.

When I was with the Vestalís my talent for Telekenticís was discovered. You see, ever since I was very small I could move objects with my mind. At first it was small object. But gradually I could move bigger objects. For instance, as a child I could move very light things, I could start fires with my mind believe it or not, and I could even pick a lock on a door if I wanted. As I grew older, I could do more things. The Vestalís told me to be very careful with my strange talents. Calling the strange ability a gift from the Goddess. I however, was rather careless with it. I saw no reason to hide something the Gods saw fit to give me. And that was when, Aro came across me.

At the time, The Volturi were very much involved in Ancient Roman Politics. There were guard members on the same senate as my Grandfather was, and Aro himself often went to the parties thrown by these senates. This is how, he came across me.

My Grandfather had accidently mentioned to Aro that I had a strange gift of being able to move objects with my mind. Of course this intrigued Aro. He made it a point to meet me and befriend me. As a child, I called him Uncle Aro. For some reason his strangeness did not frightened me. However, as I grew older and his stares became more and more intense, I became a little less trusting of Aro.

As time grew on, my duties as a Vestal and my life style took me away often. And one day, I was sent home to witness my auntís marriage. Vestals were often requested to be on the scene of a wedding.

That was when my whole world changed. My family, my entire family was at the wedding. And this was the day that Aro decided to take me. He had my family brutally murdered. My childhood home burned and me, kidnapped.

Everything I loved was taken from me in one instant. And I suddenly had nothing. By the time I arrived at the Volturi Castle, I was in dire states. I was instantly taken up into the Volturi wivesí chambers, bathed, fed and groomed. There I was told that I would someday become a vampire like them. I was then told it was a great honor to have been chosen by Aro himself.

But I didnít think of it as an honor. I didnít want to be alive, and I certainly couldnít fathom living forever among these monsters. Let alone becoming one of them. So, in desperation, I tried to kill myself. Aro found me, and turned me then. Image my surprise when I woke up as a vampire.

After that, I shunned everyone and everything. I wanted nothing to do with the Volturi and made Aro give me my own set of chambers. Of which I had styled in the manner of my fatherís home. Several items had been saved from my fatherís villa, and I had those placed in my chambers. Once I had my own apartments, it was easy to pretend that I was living in a bad dream.

I cannot say that my life was incredibly hard after I became a vampire. Aro did let me out of the castle once in a while to do certain diplomatic things for him because of my experience as a Vestal. I did have a few friends. Not many mind you and I always had the hope that one day I could the leave the Volturi all together. Or find a way for death to creep in. That would be my complete revenge. To die.

But then one day I meant a newborn named Petrus and my life changed once again. For now, I am content to live with Petrus, for I finally found a reason to live.

(Clip art images taken from (Polyvore)

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Twilight - Eternity
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Alea Iacta Est

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The Romanovs - One Last Dance

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