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From Washington DC Amanda grew up in a strong lycanthropy household which has been a part of the society in one capacity or another for generations, and currently mom and dad both hold key offices in the DC branch of the organization. Having been raised inside The Lycon Society since day one, she has unwavering devotion for the institute and has spent most of her life working or volunteering within the Society. During the small stints where Amanda was gaining experience elsewhere, she chose other animal welfare groups. Although newly moved to New York, this main division is not totally unfamiliar as by her parents keen forethought she had interned for several summers during collage there. Intelligent, bright, and an all around kind-hearted woman, Amanda does well as the Charities Coordinator.

Because she is still what most wolves would consider a wild beast, you’ll find Amanda in the security surveillance room during key moon phases, keeping an eye on her extended pack while they go out and play. One day perhaps she will cast aside her trepidation and change skins, but until then she makes the most of her time as an untouched cub.

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