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   Salve, piacere di conoscerti. Mi chiamo Roberto Giovanni.

Behind every successful venture there is a capo, or majordomo, if you prefer.

I serve that role for Sra Isabel and her cousin. Overseeing their estates, chairing their holding company, eliminating potential threats before they get too big. What can I say, it's a beautiful life.

As for the face behind Roberto Giovanni, that is Roberto Mancini and he belongs to himself.

My Novels:

The Giovanni Chronicles - Out of Print
Writer's Muses
Zone : Horror
World Under Siege
Imps of Ink

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The Librarian
Mistress Gwynne
Isabel Giovanni
Ambrogino Giovanni
Catarina Stornello
Isabella Stornello
Ambrogio Stornello

My Favorites:

The Giovanni Chronicles - Out of Print
Writer's Muses
Unveil Your Adventure

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