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Em hotep! Be welcome aboard the Sun Falcon and the Hand of Djehuti! !
My name is Ipskakt, and I am trader in rare stones and gems.
The setting: I live in is around 3100BCE, my home is in the most ancient seat of Egyptian Kings and Pharaohs, Tjeny (Thinis, later on). The first Pharaoh to unite nearly all of the two kingdoms struggles now against the onslaught of invading armies. Join me in the most exciting beginnings of the mighty Egyptian dynasties!

The Sun Falcon
After travelling to many, many other countries, sailing at sea for years now, fighting in many battles I have come back to find great success in the career that my travels prepared me for, the "stone trade", mostly Mafka-t (turquoise).
I come from Tjeny(Thinis) in Kemet (Egypt). The simple life is so far gone, war now tears through KMT. Refugees line the rivers and roads as people fear the locust swarms of the Upper Nomes and the war erupting elsewhere.

I have been spending a lot of time touring the length of the Nile, there is so much to see in Kemet! I also frequently haunt Mesopotamia.

Yea, I know. You wanna to go sailing! Everyone wants to go sailing with me. ;)

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Nóregr - The Wayward Blood of Kings - Out of Print

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Maat Shepsit
Karmetra of PI Ramesses
Dr Armageddon Endikut
Uncle Sutekh

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The Horus Road
PiRamesses - Out of Print

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