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   Dia duit, Iím Erin Flynn but I take it you know that I was born in Ireland in 1915 My parents died a year ago and my sister …ire and I were sent to this orphanage. They donít have enough food to feed all of us, and the number of us children increases. I live in the basement, in a large room with nearly a hundred others The babies cry from hunger, and I sometimes find my self doing the same. Last week my best friend CŠitriona died from the sickness that has been going around the room, I donít know what they call it but its gotten worse. My sister …ire tells me everything will be alright, but how can she say that when your government doesnít care enough to give you food and warm beds to sleep in how can she say everythingís going to be alright? I must go, …ire is calling me <---- The song my Ma sang to me at night,

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