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Pirates of the Caribbean:
Clash of Steel

A friend gave me this doll.

Hi, my name is Nadya, and I am the daughter of Jack Sparrow, and Sidi Ross. I live in Jamaica on grandfather's sugar plantation. Dad is away a lot, he says he is a merchant marine, but I hear talk.  If I don't like what is being said, I'll kick the person who's saying it in the shins, and if that isn't enough, I've a stash of sea biscuits I keep on me for throwing at people. When I was younger I used the things for teething. My teacher at school takes them away from me as I'm forever getting into fights. Yes, I can play the part of the little lady, but I'm a right spitfire when aroused to anger.  Not that I don't know the truth by now, but they hang pirates, and I love my daddy very much. I'd be heart broken if anything ever happened to him.

I don't see my Dad to often, he is always away, and then grandfather likes to take me on his business trips along with grandmother. Truth is I can get quite bored on board ship, and the different places we go to all seem alike save for the scenery. Maybe some day, I'll get to go with Dad on one of his adventures.

Sailing skiff

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Clash of Steel - Out of Print
Pan Historia Junction

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Through the Lens

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Captain Jack Sparrow
Sidi Ross
Kita Lorraine Lemieux

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Ile de Torture ~ Tales of Pirates and Buccaneers
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