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Welcome to my Home. I am Micah Blade. I was born into old money and raised in the Boston area. Both my mother and father were Archeologists, so they were away for most of my younger life on one dig site or another in some exotic place in the world. Some days I would sit and read about those places, imagine what life was like and daydream about the glories of the past. And so the chore of my early upbringing fell upon my grandmother and an entourage of house staff, private tutors, and a personal advisor. In addition, my grandmother insisted that I attend public school for the education that was offered and what she called…developing social skills and how to interact with others.

My childhood was not all studies and academics, although it did not seem abnormal to me. I was conditioned to it, so it seemed to be the normal everyday routine for me. I always looked forward to the end of the day. It was my favorite time of instruction. My grandmother believed that along with academics there should be physical education as well. Four nights a week I was instructed in the physical rigors of the martial arts by a private instructor in various forms of the ancient styles of fighting. I worked hard at it and by the end was ready for a hot shower and a nice warm bed. Weekends I had to myself.

At the age of 16 my parents came home from abroad and opened a Museum of Ancient Relics and Art. (MARA) That was fun and I helped out as much as I could. My favorite thing in the museum was cataloging and restoration.

As my High School education drew near to and end, my father and mother urged me to apply for Oxford University. I was happy when I received my letter of acceptance, but not really surprised as I suspected that both my mother and father had a hand in getting me in since they were bother alumni and were friends with many of the staff and board committee members.

During my time a Oxford, I studied hard and learned many things in the field of Archaeology and Anthropology, receiving first honors in Moderations and going the extra mile to receive my Masters. I do attribute my drive and zeal to two people that I met during my studies at Oxford. I met Alais Hulton and Ellen Wickham, who were to become my best and lifelong friends. I credit these two with keeping me motivated and interested in the goals of my career.

We became best friends, and studied together, worked on our thesis’s together, and also did our field work projects together. And when the time came to graduate and leave the University….we vowed to stay in touch with each other and get together whenever we could.

After college, much to the chagrin of my parents, I joined the Navy and applied to join the Navy Seals. I was accepted and underwent the hardships and rigors of Navy boot camp at San Diego, California, and then even more strenuous training and hardships of Navy Seal Boot camp at Coronado Island. It was the toughest time that I had even had in my life.

But I made it through and spent the next four years becoming proficient in demolitions, both underwater and conventional techniques, along with tactic for covert operations. I also became an expert in various weapons

I enjoyed the training exercises and was considering re-enlisting, but news arrived that my parents had been killed in an auto accident. So instead of re-enlisting, I left the military to return home and take over MARA. The museum staff is very competent and efficient and they pretty much see to the everyday rote and drudgeries so this frees me up to travel when I want to….or need too. Thus I have many contacts throughout the world and often travel to various places to bring back articles for exhibition in the Museum.

Throughout it all, I have remained in contact with Alais and Ellen Wickham via E-Mails, and we keep up with one another as to what is going on in our lives. As fate would have it, soon we are to embark upon a great adventure together as Relic Hunters.

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