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Full Name: Helen Sarah Greybourne


Age: 30

Birthdate: February 20, 2370

Birthplace: Billings, Montana

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Build/Body type: Fit, Medium build

Height: 5' 10

Weight: 160

Father--Gareth Joshua Greybourne
Mother--Nyssa Baird Greybourne

Brothers--Allard Joshua; Drew Alexander (both older);
Sister--Calandra Nyssa(older)

Uncle: David Camden Greybourne
Aunt: Lisa Martins Greybourne.
Cousins: Thane David and Charlotte Ann Greybourne

Grandparents: Camden Joshua (b.2315)and Belinda Cameron Greybourne (b. 2320), still living

Health: Excellent

Background: Helen is the youngest of Gareth and Nyssa's four children. Fascinated by the workings of the human brain and mind, she devoted herself to a medical career in the fields of neurosurgery and psychology. She is currently an intern at Hippocrates General Hospital on Vega II, finishing her residency.

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Greybourne Tavern
Braeden's Command and Control
La Hacienda de Cortez
The Writers Den

My Friends:

Allard Greybourne
Gareth Joshua Greybourne
Drew Alexander Greybourne
Nyssa Baird Greybourne
Calandra Nyssa Greybourne
Derek Gladwin
Helen Sarah Greybourne
Cristobal Cortez
Lyndsey Soloman

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