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I was born in 1895 at Columbus, Ohio, the only child of Jeremiah and Laura Platt. My parents named me Esme Anne Platt and I had the simple and quiet life of a farm girl. My childhood was happy and when I was not at school or helping my parents with the farm work, I enjoyed to be outside and climb trees. Sometimes I would get myself into trouble. One of these trouble happened when I was 16 and broke my leg, by falling from a tree. I was taken to the local hospital by my worried parents.

I was treated by a doctor named Carlisle Cullen. I had never seen someone with such lonely eyes before and unlike anyone else he treated me like the young woman I was, and not a child. My encounter with Carlisle did not let me indifferent and when I comeback hoping to see him again I found out he had left. Sad by his departure, I continued with my life, always with the hope I would see the doctor with golden eyes once again.

Meanwhile I grew up and a dream was born inside of me: to become a school teacher. I always loved children and I wanted to make a difference in their lives by educating them. I wanted to leave Ohio and move West. Unfortunately my parents were not happy with this dream of mine. They were convinced I would be happier staying at home and marry a local man. Finally, after so much pressure and in order to please them I agreed to marry Charles Evenson, an older man who had been courting me for a while now. I was 21 at the time and determinate to learn to love Charles and have a happy life with him.

Unfortunately Charles revealed himself to be an abusive husband. My parents urge me to be quiet about this, not wanting to see their daughter divorced. But the bruises on my body were enough as a testimony of my husband's action and ashamed I barely left home, enduring the pain in silence. Charles decided going to the war and those had been the happiest days of my marriage, having the house just for myself, without him there to hurt me. In all those sad years my mind would think of Carlisle Cullen, wondering where would he be and if he would ever comeback to save me. Deep down I knew this was a mere teenage fantasy, but some how it made me happy thinking about him. It gave me some strength.

My husband returned in 1919 and sometime later I found out I was expecting a child. My first one. Knowing my baby would be in danger under Charles' roof, I reunited enough courage to leave Ohio and put everything I had ever knew behind my back. First I went to a cousin's home in Wisconsin and then once I heard my husband had tracked me, I moved to Ashland where I pretended to be a war widow. I made my living by becoming a school teacher, finally able to fulfill my dream.

In 1921, my child was born. It was the most beautiful little boy I had ever seen in my life and I named him Thomas. In my arms, I had a life planned for him and I, without the influence of his abusive father. However my plans never came true. Thomas died two days after his birth, from lung fever. The pain of losing my child was nothing compared to the pain suffered at Charles' hands. Alone and lost, I was finally ready to give up.

Determinate to end with my life I decided to jump off a cliff. I do not remember anything after that dive into death's encounter, but I was still alive when they found me. However I was in such a mad state no one bothered to fight for my life and I was take imideatly to the morgue. But I was wrong: someone did fight for my life. He even gave it back to me.

Carlisle was a doctor at the hospital and he heard my heart beating at the morgue. I opened my eyes when I heard his voice. I called out his name. For three days I remained in pain, not really conscious about what was surrounding. But I knew somehow he was there. He had come for me. When I wake up next to Carlisle I realized how much I had changed and how different he was too. At the hospital I sensed his difference but that did not concern me as much as the lonely being in front of me.

I learned about vampires and their lives. I married Carlisle. I realized I had always loved him and I always will. I gained a new family with Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper. I was given a second life, a second chance to be happy. My only regret in this new life is the fact that as a vampire I cannot bear children.

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