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   I'iwy EM Hotep ~ Welcome in Peace

I am honored in receiving your visit; forgive me for not be able to attend you as you deserve, but I am surely developing some of my duties at the service of our beloved Per a'A (Pharaoh), UsermaatRa in the city of Waset... If you want, please leave a message, I will answer it soon...



  I proudly hold the positions of:
 ~Governor of Upper Kemet~

Hry-tp a'a Uaset
~Nomarch of the 4th. nome of Upper Kemet~

~High Priestess of Amun~


"A generation walks through others between humans; He, who knows the essence of the men, remains hidden. Adore Netjer  in your way, there is no river able to hide itself; destroy the dike which behind He was hidden. Your ka goes to the place she knows and will never deflect from the road she started yesterday. That is why you should garnish your throne in the city of the dead, because you are a straight woman, one who had done what was fair and this is what brings rest to your Ka."  -Teaching of Merikare-








Proudly attend as Hemet-Netjer-tepet-net Amun (High Priestess of Amun), taking care of the Name in His main worship temple Ipet-Isut (Karnak) so I will be honored to invite you to the Temple and if you want, leave there an offering for our Netjeru (gods)...


When you want to feel the history and know it well you have to take your role into it...

Feel yourself free to visit Pi Ramesses and its wonderful places...


The time of starting to work together and build an amazing 4th. Nome has arrived, please feel free to visit it and let the warm embrace of the breeze from my beloved Waset makes you feel the peace of being between friends...

Visit Leyla's
Floral Shop!!
In Hwt nen nesu
Upper Kemet

Full of globe's
for every occasion!
This is a gift I've got from Amenmesse, a precious flower to remind a special date...   27/06/04

A HUGE thanks! to Madison James for this
House Warming Gift! it arrive perfectly across the time...

Made and gifted by AhmesNefertari, Shamet and Overseer of the Storage of Ipet-Isut 


Made and gifted by DesertDweller



                                                             July 2004


Em Hesset net Amen ~ May you be in favor with Amun~


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Vest viewed 800x600
ŠNuna 2004
thanx to gulfmystery too

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PiRamesses - Out of Print

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UsermaatRa Ramesses
Liaus Horatius
Wyatt Earp
Swanlara Ramesses
Estarfigam the Memphite
Tjaneferet sat Mentuhotep

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