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Did some amateur racing in my teen years, mostly flat track circuits on the west coast and Grand Prix style stuff, when I could get a ride. I was a little too hot-headed for some of the track owners and I managed to get myself banned from all but 2, single mile tracks. So I lost my cool when I was cornered, ran a couple boys into the wall who deserved it. They did the same to me when no one was lookin...what ever.

My dad had a couple of Jr. Stockers we'd trailer to the local drag strip every other Sunday. Tear 'em down on Monday night and put 'em back together on Saturday. We had a pumped '57 Chevy and a red 1960 El Camino with a 348, dual carbs and lots of sweet stuff that made jumping off the line lots of fun. She just got up and went...left everyone in the dust.

I spent a couple years in a Fort Worth Prison for boosting cars 5 years back, but that's all history now. Oh, they still come around and get down on me now and again, when they think I've got something on the side, but I've been doin' it clean since I got out. Cops!

Right now I'm driving a sweet 1967 Camaro SS; the year they came off the line. 350 engine, light weight with some transmission, intake and cam modifications and it does okay, but I'm still working on it.

I'm game for some know where to find me.

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I loved the action! Nice post.
Jun 27, 2011 03:08 pm

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