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New Novels and Reference Books

Engines of Intrigue in the Action Genre.
With the nations of Europe in fierce military competition with one another, and the deadly spread of anti-Imperial sentiments across the Continent, secret police and intelligence communities rise up to face the challenge.

If you have any questions, please see the MoBs ~ Hugo Belcroft and Lovina Abbott

The Mystery of the Wild Rose in the History Genre.
A famous 17th century painting called The Wild Rose is stolen from a wealthy family's estate.

It is late 1930’s England. England is slowly coming out of the Great Depression and top of that the rumors are on the horizon about the possibility of war…another war…this time with Germany….again. Meanwhile in the north part of England, a famous painting called The Wild Rose painted in the mid 1600’s has been stolen from a wealthy estate. Question that is on everybody minds is: Why? Why would anyone steal a world’s famous painting….unless there is something inside the painting.

If you have any questions, please see the MoBs ~ Maeve Millwood or Annalise Tate

That Seventies Novel in the History Genre.
A anthology of stories set against the backdrop of America in the Seventies.

If you have any questions, please see the MoBs ~ Wyatt

Pan Web Design 101 in the Other Genre.
Pan Web Design 101 was created to help members of Pan Historia solve their HTML and graphics difficulties, share techniques and tips, and encourage creativity and innovation on the Web. Whether you're a novice and just want some home decorating tips, or an expert web designer with cool new code to share, we welcome you to Pan Web Design 101!

If you have any questions, please see the MoB ~ Jerry Cornelius, Raider, or Honey Lucifer

Being Revamped

The Grail in the Fantasy Genre.
The Grail is powerful. Manifested in four hallowed objects, it is an instrument of healing, restoration, resurrection. It also embodies strength and executes justice.

The Grail acknowledges the righteous and protects those who call upon its strength. It it truth itself, and its quest is steadfast. Often beyond reach, it is sentient and particular about who finds it. It can be unattainable. The Grail is a treasure, an ideal, a revelation.

From the fabled cities of Falias, Findias, Murias, and Gorias, the Four Treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann came to Ireland.

They made their way to Britain and were lost in the advent of the Roman Legions. Now, in a land lawless and war-torn, the Grail is making itself known.

If you have any questions, please see the MoB ~ Grail, Merlyn, Nelferch, or Peredur.

666 West End Avenue in the Horror Genre.
1925: It’s the time of prohibition, Valentino, the Jazz Age, and the Cotton Club. 666 West End Ave, situated close to the hot urban jungle of Harlem is a sleek new building in a swanky part of town, decked out in the latest Art Deco style, home to Jazz Babies and Debutantes, Witches and Warlocks.

Occult writer, actor, and playboy Robin Saint Sinclair occupies the entire 13th floor and throws outrageous parties. It’s rumored that he is not just an occult writer but also a practitioner of the dark arts, into black magic, drugs, and the darker depths of sex. His charismatic brand of sin, bathtub gin, and secrets soon attracts disciples.

If you have any questions, please see the MoB ~ Robin Saint Sinclair or Red King

If you have a new novel or one that is being revamped, please leave me a note so we can add it to the list. Contact Korvus Korax

Other Good Stuff

Check out the Zones, one for each of the Genres, great places to hang out with other people who share enjoyment in any given Genre. Zone : Action, Zone : Contemporary, Zone : Fantasy, Zone : History, Zone : Horror, Zone : Other, Zone : Romance, Zone : Science Fiction and Zone : Westerns. Have an idea for a new Novel? You can pitch it on the planning boards at your chosen Zone and see if anyone else is interested.

For the discussion of topics that don't fit neatly into existing Reference Books, join The Symposia. If your topic takes off, it could just become a Reference Book in its own right.

If you have an idea for a Magazine, pitch it here so the Publishers can take a look at it.

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