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New Novels and Reference Books

Lone Star Hauntings in the Horror Genre.
Ever wonder why they talk about the Red Dirt of Texas? Because it ran with blood...
All through Texas, you find them. Abandoned, crumbling, but not exactly unoccupied... The violent history of Texas lives on, sometimes imbued into the very ground itself.
If you have any questions, please see the MoBs ~ Roy Gabriel, Rita Gabriel, Skyler Moreno or Lorie Pope.

Rattle Bag in the Other Genre.
A miscellany of creative writing, from fables and diaries to sketches and short fiction. This group will be invitation only. If you have any questions, please see the MoBs ~ Bug and Grey Malkin

Thrilling Tales in the Action Genre.
It is the Golden Age of Pulp — brash explorers, brilliant detectives, masked avengers, rogue scientists, and nefarious villains. Lost worlds, cursed treasures, new technologies and more are all to be discovered at Thrilling Tales!

The Blast That Tears the Skies in the Contemporary Genre.
The British Royal Family. House of Hanover. Descendants of Charlotte and Leopold. Dishonest but dutiful Queen. Secrets now come to light, via the tabloid press. Divorce. Cheating Scandals. Religious crisis and custody battles.

Seldom a Single Wave: Tales of the Viking Age in the History Genre.
This novel will have multiple branches like Yggdrasil, allowing writers to go adventuring in the Viking Age. One branch will focus on the travels and exploration from Scandinavia to the New World while another concentrates on Viking Age Britain and Ireland. Other branches can grow as writers need to go aviking.

The Scriptorium in the History Genre.
The Scriptorium is a place for medievalists and casual enthusiasts to discuss a variety of topics concerning the medieval world.
If you have any questions, please see the MoB ~ Celestina de Valcastro, or Clio

The Victorian Age in the History Genre.
A reference book for sharing all things of the Victorian Age which spanned from 1837 to 1901. This book is useful to writers of history, steampunk, & westerns.
If you have any questions, please see the MoB ~ Wyatt Earp

Other Good Stuff

Check out the Zones, one for each of the Genres, great places to hang out with other people who share enjoyment in any given Genre. Zone : Action, Zone : Contemporary, Zone : Fantasy, Zone : History, Zone : Horror, Zone : Other, Zone : Romance, Zone : Science Fiction and Zone : Westerns. Have an idea for a new Novel? You can pitch it on the planning boards at your chosen Zone and see if anyone else is interested.

For the discussion of topics that don't fit neatly into existing Reference Books, join The Symposia. If your topic takes off, it could just become a Reference Book in its own right.

If you have an idea for a Magazine, pitch it here so the Publishers can take a look at it.

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