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What do you get when you're a "bad-ass" ghost hunter by night and a woman with a body to die for by day? A LOT of customers. The only reason I signed up for this job was to get my nights off right? I mean, because there's no such things as ghosts right? WRONG! Not only do I deal with pesky poltergeists and a libido-less library ghost, someone has been stealing from my fridge! Anyway, if you're awake, and so am I, drop me a line to make sure I haven't died...or pulled all my hair out...still not sure which is worse! Please feel free to check out my profile if you want to know more about me or my services.

The illustrious me!

I am a very simple girl with very simple needs. One, a man has to understand that I'm not always talking to myself. I can't help it that very attractive ghosts and monsters follow me everywhere. So, if you can't handle the competition...I'm not for you. Two, I tend to be a little klutzy at times. Yes, my blonde hair came with a curse, but trust me, I am nowhere near Paris Hilton level, so don't even think you can come at me with some macho I'm smarter than you because you're blonde. Doesn't cut it. I have a PhD in Paranormal Parapsychology as well as a perfect score in all of my marksmanship trials. All of this and I'm only 23? Elle Woods couldn't have done better than that. Okay I'm off of my soapbox. Three, I tend to talk a lot, as if you haven't noticed by now. However, I can be a great listener if need be. Four, yes, you hire me to bust ghosts and no it doesn't always happen...for the record, at least they're out of your house okay. Just because they didn't poof, doesn't mean they will be bothering you. I still think I should get paid irregardless. I mean, I'm the one they're shacking up with now. Five and final, I do not offend easily at all. Whatever you have to say or want to say, go ahead, it will not bother me. I'm open to all sorts of friends and colleagues, so please feel free to talk to me any time. I may not be able to answer right away, but that's what messaging is for.

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Short Cuts
Zone : RP
Pan Historia Junction
Unveil Your Adventure
Zone : Horror

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The Tenth Muse
Black and Blue
The Craft Faire
Writer's Block

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Hunter's Hideout

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Cole Harding
Lord Amour
Mike Newton
Tank Girl
Treveur Dubois
Cassidy McGregor
Rebecka Surman
Isabella Swan
Fiona Lindsey
Ambrose Meleema
Owen Benjamin DArcy
Ilia de Tourvel
Camille Evans
Becca Rembrandt
Gabriel Harding
Emery Johansson

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Writer's Muses
Unveil Your Adventure
The VanChaplin Papers - Out of Print

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