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In the Twilight - Eternity Novel:

Name: 1.Taeko Aeris 2.Yuri Tang 3.Dominik Riko (Dom) 4.Ryanimay Jobu (Ryan) Gender: 1.Female 2.Female 3.Male 4.Male Age: 1.16 (36) 2.18 (53) 3.16 (62) 4.17 (32)

Hair: 1.Long and brown. 2.Long and reddish brown. 3.Spiked and dark brown 4.Spiked, dark brown, and light brown streaks.

Eyes: Amber of course. (for all)

Ethnicity: Asian (for all)

We come from a coven that was made in Asia, mostly in China and Japan. We are the elite of the coven even though we are very young. We came to Forks because we have heard of the great Cullens, and we wanted to see what was so great about them. ;) Like the Cullens we do not drink human blood unless we get out of control, which has only happened a few times. Trust me, no one will get hurt...unless you smell really good. If I were you, I'd stay away from everyone but Yuri. She has controled herself enough to not drink. ;) We hope to bring a little twist to Forks Dominik (Dom)

Ryanimay (Ryan)


Tegumi (Haha)

Ane (Little Sister) Ani (Little Brother)

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Zone : Romance

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Mike Newton
Rosalie Hale
Ambrose Meleema

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Twilight - Eternity

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