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Once one of Rehtaeh's maids, Aeron became accustomed to the lavish lifestyle that her presence in the rian's service permitted her. Good food, fine wine, and a comfortable spot to sleep in Rehtaeh's own chamber were adequate compensation for the outrageous demands her mistress made. Unfortunately, with her mistress's death. Aeron no longer has claim to any of those and must find another way to provide herself a living. Knowing that those who serve in the Great Hall most often wind up forced to sell their favors to the warriors, she is eager to secure other employment.

With the presence in Dunadd of two princesses, Aeron might easily find an opportunity to serve another fine lady... but that presents a danger in itself. Thoses women have become rivals for Fionnlagh's affections. Anyone who serves the vanquished princess is likely to find her prospects as dim as her mistress's. Aeron must take stock of the situation before committing herself to one or the other.

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