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Age: 44 Height: 6' Build: Fit
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
Born: London, England, UK
Parents: Marylin & Oliver Pike [divorced]

In the Contemporary Zone

An only child, Meredith was raised in Hampstead area of London and attended Hall School and the Westminster School. With his interest in military history and early insistence on order and structure, his father (CEO of an international corporation) envisioned a future where his son was involved in politics or perhaps the head of a global arms manufacturing consortium. Unfortunately he wrote off his son's interest in "playing soldier" as just boyish games and was as surprised as anyone when at the age of 16, Meredith joined the British Army.

Mr. Pike was furious that Meredith had enlisted as a mere soldier and not entered the Royal Military Academy to become an officer, something Mr. Pike could have easily arranged. He was so livid he cut almost all ties with his only child.

Meredith excelled in the military and managed to survive numerous campaigns beginning with the Falklands and ending with Iraq, after which he realized 20+ years of military service might warrant a rest. It was time to stop playing soldier.

Having roamed the world for most of his life and never calling any place home, he decided to move to the States only because his mother is from there. He chose a nice affluent suburb near the city where she lived, decided to open a restaurant, and found it suited him. The restaurant life may be stressful to some people, but the way he sees it if he isn't getting shot at, no bombs have gone off within thirty feet, and there's really good food, he's in heaven.

And he would never hire a chef simply because he found him attractive. That's not good business.

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