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Welcome to my home

PanHistoria Staff is a special crew of unpaid Volunteers who dedicate time and energy to helping Pan's members. There are four levels of staff and each has different areas of expertise. They are easily identified by the color icons next to their names on the IMPanel. Never hesitate to tap any of them on the shoulder for assistance or just to say Hello.

Publishers: The Publishers are the owners of the site. They build the site, add new features and fix things that are broken. They answer questions and generally help out when they can. They can be identified by the red star next to their names.

Agents: Agents are site staff who fix things, answer questions, create novels, reference books, blogs and salons. They handle any disputes, infractions of the charter or complaints from members. They can be identified by a purple star next to their name on the IMPanel.

Editors: Editors are the people to contact if you are lost or confused and just generally need assistance. They help organize events, games, and contests, as well as produce content to keep things lively. They are identified by the green star next to their names.

Illustrators: Illustrators fix things, and make things. They are graphics and code savvy. They can help you with HTML, or they might be helping the Publishers with site updates. They are identified by the teal star next to their names.

Fanny Fae
AKA: Sekhmet Meritamen, Queen Tiye, M, Elizabeth I, Faelyn, Francoise de Rochefort

One of the voices of inspiration in the founding of Pan Historia, Fanny Fae / Sekhmet Meritamen is always willing to help a member. She quotes herself "I may seem like a big growly lioness but I can be bribed by profuse offerings of ginger beer!" She's always great to talk to, and a wonderful source of information on writing, film production, Ancient Egypt, as well as all periods of history and alternative medicine. Sekhmet is a huge part of the Pan Historia Community. Her other guises include Elizabeth I, Ninon de l'Enclos, and Caroline de Rochefort.

Kat Black
AKA: Pan Historia, Kemsit, Louisa Earp.

Kat Black is one of the publishers at Pan Historia. A lot of the original design work was hers (though so much has changed over time!) and she was part of the original planning with Wyatt Earp, Merlin, and Sekhmet Meritamen. Because of real life commitments like being a mom, having a career, and that sort of thing Kat hasn't had the same time to put into Pan Historia that she would like but she still comes online to help out, do a little writing, and works behind the scenes trekking to the post office and doing some bookkeeping because Wyatt hates that stuff. She generally divides her time between Pan Historia or Panerotica, where ever she's needed or there is a good conversation going.

Wyatt Earp
AKA: Wyatt, Tjeti Priest, Red King, Utah, The Lord of Multitasking.

Wyatt Earp is one of the original founders of Pan Historia. To this day, he maintains a steady presence on the site - always looking for ways to improve Pan Historia and ways to keep it running. He is a jack-of-all-trades on the site and in real life, working as a web designer, community consultant, PHP programmer, and still finding time to write fiction and produce a little art. These days, most of his energy is devoted to the nuts and bolts of community site building, including introducing new sites for the business.

Wyatt's writing and RP interests at Pan Historia include westerns, Ancient Egypt, horror, and science fiction. He actively participates in a number of novels and reference books, and believes in being a hands-on kind of guy.

Kelly Silver Wise
AKA: Genie, Andrea Hawthorn, Sabrina Banner, Hatshepset Meritamen, Seshat, WebMistress and et al

Kelly Silver Wise has been creative writing for as long as she can remember. A hug fan of Ancient Egypt eventually she discovered Ancient Sites, which later led into Pan Historia when the site was founded. Life swept Kelly away for a while yet one faithful day she returned and hasn't wandered too far off ever since. Over the years she's volunteered in every active staff position for the site before becoming a Publisher.

As Publisher Kelly assists Wyatt Earp and the other site owners maintain Pan Historia behind the scenes with programming and upgrading the site. When she isn't wading through Pan's code, spending time with her wonderful family or at work at the local Birth Center you can find her writing in the History, Horror or Fantasy genres.

AKA: Beatrice, Serendipity, Onica, Tess, Absinthe, Lucky, Punkin.

Having found Ancient Sites and the SciFiVine by surfing around the net one day over four years ago, I instantly became hooked. I have written stories since I was a child, but had never seen interactive writing communities before, and it was both an amazing and enchanting discovery. I've been involved with writing groups ever since, helping to move our stories and communities to Community Zero (CZ) after the demise of CyberSites, and now to Pan. In so many ways, finding Pan was like coming home.

I help to organize some of the games and contests, as well as handle novel creations and deletions. However, I also find many ways to play on Pan! You can find me in many different stories on Pan, from historical fiction, to horror and gothic fiction, to fantasy, to science fiction, to the Pan Historian newspaper. I also belong to several reference books, like the Copper Pot and ACME, among others. A self taught HTML nut, I try to make my posts as beautiful to the eye as I hope they are to the mind.

Of course, I do have a few hobbies outside of Pan, including beadwork and making jewelry. I also like to weave, but my loom has gotten pretty dusty. (My computer keys, on the other hand, are so well polished that the letters are rubbing off from all the use it gets LOL). I also go to Renaissance Faires, and music festivals.

However, my first love was writing, and I feel blessed to be a part of this community, and having the opportunity to meet and write with all of the wonderful people here at Pan. *smiles*

Awoserra Aqenenra Apepa
AKA: Shemeit, Antonius Aurelius Aquilinus, Peter of Dreux, Steve Boyd, Indio.

An avid reader, I always like to say that books like me so much they follow me home. *LOL* Writing on the other hand was something I did much more rarely. But that changed once I discovered Pan Historia. No longer writing things for school or work but for my own fun, I could do so interactively and this has turned into a great source of fun.

The community that is Pan has turned into something very special to me and I am happy to try to give back to it something of the happiness and friendship I receive.

Captain StarCastle
AKA: Captain Liberty StarCastle, Reagan Cole, Arianna of Cragmere, Snow Bunny, Pepper Potts, StarLight, Ivy McBride, TEYLA, Twiggy, Khory Bannefin, Samantha, Number Six, Data, Doug Marks, Jessica Love, Luath Niamh, Jupiter, Reggie Fairfield, Han Solo, Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, Zelda Zimmerman.

Pan Historia is my first experience with Role Play. I have always considered myself a fair writer: song lyrics, poetry, short stories and novels, anything that allows my alter ego life. When I came to PH in Fall-2003 I was amazed to find so many wonderful folks; writers, like me, who enjoyed writing as much as I did. Now Pan Historia is my home away from home. I dare not imagine my life without it.

In Real Life? I am a Technical Director/Stage Manager and a musician, a singer to be exact. I have a vocal degree from UCSB (Santa Barbara) and an MFA in Technical Theatre from UT, Austin. Currently I reside in the desert in CA and live without a script! I teach stage voice, Women's rock & roll history, and co-run a theater, and when RL gives me a break, I'm here at PAN where 'fantasy life' is always good!

I love everything about PAN: Novels and Reference Books, of which I am involved in several; I love helping folks out and, well, just being an all-around friendly kinda gal. I'm also a great sounding board if you have anything that needs venting... I love helping out with what minor HTML skills I possess. If you see me, or any of my incarnations, give me a tap. Would love to meet you.

Katheryn d'Ellesmera
AKA: Anne Blythe, Jesselina James, Michel de Rohan, Cadence, Honey, Kari Donaldson, Nimue Blackpool, Crimson, Iva Adams, Nephele Mockridge, Rosalind d'Aubigne, Alysanne du Bois, Rowan Fox, Marsali, Savanna Lambert, Lorie Pope, Catalina Dominguez, Calixto Dominguez, Althea Harrington, Charlotte Mandeville, Timothy Matthews, Tai Beatty, Isabella Marie, Marit Johanssen, Jacoby Dunne, Kylie Dunne, Cash Mackey, Arielle SaintClair, Ashley SaintClair, Merisol OLaughlin, Dominic O'Laughlin, Shae O'Laughlin, Conall O'Laughlin, Cormick O'Laughlin, Kenna O'Laughlin, Marcan O'Laughlin, Briony O'Hara, Kevyn Dawson, Joelle Blackwood, Parker Jackson, Austin Harper, Faythe Carter, Keiran Coleman, Tressa Coleman, Brianna Tel'Quessir, Dulcinea Beaumont Robicheaux, Dulcie Gaston, Wil Thibideaux, Jackson Thibideaux, Elyn Blackmore, Sapphire, Lila Bowman, Natacha Rambova, Kat Crowley, Wajmose Piye, Aamira, Melaina Raven, and far too many others to list.

I found Pan through Wyatt, having become mutual friends after he coded another website I was a member of. I've been staff almost as long as I've been a member here, and I do love Pan, this has become home.

I love to write, and I tend to be attached to my characters. If a storyline grabs me, I dive right in. I have a wide variety of interests, both in reading and in writing. I also have a B.A. in History, so yes, I am a nerd.

I can be found all over the place, as you can tell from my character list, which seems to be ever-growing. I am NORMALLY online in this face though, and often swap only to post or if I am intensively working on a particular story or novel.

I am generally online most of the day, but I am a stay at home mom, so I do get distracted from time to time by my children or other domestic duties. But I'm happy to help when I can, so don't be afraid to poke at me!

AKA: Shade, Brooklyn Kane, Nehemiah Jansik, Odd Thomas, Lord Amour, Enabren Tain, Pharaoh Akhenaten, Zombie, Brother Grimm, Angreal, Mutt, Rajan, Ushabtis

I hate writing these things. *Chuckles* I would much rather tell you a story; some with adventure and others with horror. Fantasy is always a tasty feast, though erotica finds itself on my menu quite often. Words…. The power to evoke strong emotions. I stumbled my way onto the internet so long ago, I still owned a rotary phone. Give me a moment to cringe and then hide the evidence of my age. PanHistoria and PanErotica were not the first places to welcome me and my crazy imagination but they were the last, and the only to ever feel like home. I have written more characters than I can count, and I have many more I want to write. It’s a good thing that the Pans are an excellent place for new writers because personally, I thought I sucked at this writing thing when I started. I have kept my first post all these years just to remember that practice really does make perfect.

As for who I am in real life. I am a quiet, introverted person who loves the simple things in life. I spent most of my teen years and adulthood taking care of other people; from special need children, to the terminally ill elderly, and more than a few things in between. I find myself now with a bit more free time and less emotional heartache. I use that excess of time to play here with those who love the story as much as I do.

AKA: Alais, Constance Russell, Kayleia.

Another refugee from AS, I wandered cyberspace looking for a home when AS went down. Rarely at AS did I role play; I thought of myself as a historian. I always knew I was a good writer, but thought of myself as a writer of non fiction�specifically history. Then an online friend asked me to help out in Athens which was on the verge of being eliminated; suddenly I was writing and loving it. Now with the confidence that Pan Historia has given me, I am venturing into other genres.

To pay the bills I once tortured children( whoops) I taught, but have since retired after spending my life explaining history to and geography to 13 year olds. I now spend my time here at Pan, taking some courses and doing free lance historical research on old homes and the families who lived in them. I am sure I can help people here at Pan solve their problems or at least point them to where they can get help.

Until recently, I resided near the sea in New England, I have now moved further south, but am still only minutes from the beach. When not online at Pan, I enjoy reading, writing and researching history and being with friends and family.

Please say hello if you see me online and feel free to ask any questions you have about Pan Historia.

Alexandre De Barbarac
AKA: Captain John Hart, Seraphin de Sable.

I have been creatively writing for a while. I have been lucky to be friends with Wyatt and familiar with Pan for a good deal of time . I love coming up with character and story ideas. My interests lie in Historical, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Mystery Genres for both reading and writing. In my writing is where my alter egos come out to play.

When not at Pan, you can find me out on the golf course, at the gym, the movies or in front of the TV during football season. I have to admit ESPN is on a lot in this house. Almost forgot, I have a habit for spending rainy days playing on the PS2 trying to beat the pants off my wonderful partner.

AKA: Arnold Pilot - Asylum Alice - Avalanche - Barbie Dahl - Beef - Black Adder - Blackjack Davey - Blistophenobia Gatner - Booga - Daisy Buchanan - Dead Meat - Doodle - Eve of Destruction - Evil Dark - Felony Narcosis - Goth Girl - Hammer Horror Girl - Jack of Hearts - Khadra Iman Sawere - Malignancy Jones - Melo Dramatic - Nightshade - Nissa - Pompous Pom Pom - Quyatt Niall - revolution - Rose Tenebre Noire - Sand Witch - Sky - Skyclad Niall - Snow Angel - Snow Drift - Snow Flake - Splatter Phoenix - The Baby Bonus - The Muse Online - The Remains - Unknown Legend - Virgo Panacea - Yoshimi.

Originally I came to Pan Historia to fill the Tenth Muse with my poetry. Poetry was my main form of expression. I have made several attempts into the prose word of Role-Play Writing, trying several genres along the way. Through that I have discovered that I wish mostly to write Post Humanism, which satisfies my general tendencies towards "orderly rebellion". Yeah, that's me, the one who is out there in the rain with a towel, trying to straighten up the chaos. Sure, I get wet, but what the heck, it's the effort right?

I am in love with language and word art, the subtle ways that words can inflict emotions and thoughts, the power of thinking out what we take for granted, and seeing if there might not be other ways to achieve ends. Leonard Cohen, in his song "Suzanne" said that there are flowers in the garbage, and I'm here to remind you, oops, that's Alanis.

At Pan Historia I tend towards the discussions, and the Blogs. It seems that I am ever ready to offer an opinion as well as a sympathetic ear. I like to think that I have a sense of humor, even if quirky, and that I am fun to know.

fact : It is not the end of the journey that is the fun part, but the getting there.

William Blackburn
AKA: Khaliq al-Marid, Michael Chisholm, Flyon de Wall, Emilio di Roccanera, Adrien le Sauvage, Murphy O'Farrell, Roscoe, Nathaniel Pickett, Ochiai Masatsura

I've been logging on to Pan Historia nearly every day since early 2003. Started as a pirate writing in the History Genre, branched out to Westerns and a few other genres.

Off Pan, when I'm not toiling away in my day job as an engineer for a defense contractor, I write short stories, have had a few published, and am always working on new stories and sending them out to various markets.

I'm currently Genre Editor for Action, Romance, and Westerns, so if you need assistance with any of those genres, just tap me. I can help with questions of HTML or graphics for homes, posts and dust jackets, or anything else about the site. I'm also happy to just chat, so if you see me or any of my alter-egos on the panel, don't be shy, shoot me a gram.

AKA: Nosqhon, Mirasol, Alva, Artemisia Jones, Kenna MacCallum, Honey Quim, Constance Culpepper, Wilolonanne, Aegina, Comfort Harper, Hallie, Doiteain, Holly Valentine, and Lily Meadows

I arrived at the beta of Pan Historia from the ashes of Ancient Sites and HistoryVine, happy to find some fellow refugee friends and a new home. Over the years, I've written at novels such as Turtle Island, Tales of the Seven Seas, the first and second version of Turnskin, Tombstone, Deadwood, Tales of the Clockwork Empire, Crossroads, Midnight People, Planet of the Apes, Age of Vikings, FLESH, and When the Dead Come Knocking - for some of which I am also a MOB. I also participate at Through the Lens, On the Trail, Animalia, Kiss the Cook, and Fleur-de-lis.

In the outer world, I grew up on a ranch, daughter of a cowboy/pilot and a teacher/artist. I loved living in the country and continue to do so. I am a national park ranger, with a background in biology and archaeology. I am the webmaster and media specialist for the park, and have written material for publications and exhibits. When not sporting the flat hat, I enjoy photography, reading, drawing, creating reconstructions of historic clothing and jewelry, hiking, travel, and being a cat mom.

If anyone would like some help or merely wants to chat, just let me know!

AKA: Khepri Hatshepsut, Khaibit Imhotep, Korvus Korax, Kalypso Sunn, Karma, Ekho, Scarab and a few more that start with K

Found PanHistoria a couple years after it opened. Like many others, she was a refugee from Ancient Sites and the HistoryVine looking for a place to join in. Once here, she honed her skills at writing. She did a stint as an Editor for a few years (years not remembered), then stepped down to become Staff at Pan’s sister site PanErotica. She was Staff there for 13 years before it sadly disappeared into the aether.

Now back at PanHistoria full time, she has once again become an Editor. Although she’s not a whiz with HTML or graphics, she is friendly and approachable and tries to join in and help out wherever she can. She has begun writing again in Egypt, Into the Abyss, and Echoes.

In real life, she is an artist that dabbles in pen & ink, watercolours, and ink. As a photographer, she focus’ on numerous subjects. You can see some of her work in The Factory, and in Through the Lens.

Hopefully more will come as she settles back into Pan life.

Rita Gabriel
AKA: Silverthorn, Harlequin, Keesha Ladon, Elizabeth de Lisle, Verity Granger, Maxwell Granger, Ethan Robicheaux, Hope Robicheaux, Eluned ONeill, Boudika, Bianca, Emerald, Lesedi Aygul, Tiger Lily, Angelica Breckenridge, Portia Devereux, Sebastian Salazar, Lusine, Antonia, Cassandra Catesby, Callandra Catesby, Adrian Rice, Roisin Cruickshank, Kimberley Bridewell, Nathaniel Bridewell, Christopher Bridewell, Dorothea Bridewell and a whole host of other Forge characters too numerous to list individually.

Rita is an avid reader who got into collaborative writing after accidentally stumbling across the SciFiVine and Ancient Sites one day about twenty years ago. She has been writing at one site or another ever since, arriving at Pan in 2009, where she can now be found in several genres, currently writing regularly in novels in Horror, Contemporary, Action, Other and the Forge. She can also be found contributing to several of the magazines and reference books.

When not at Pan, she enjoys reading, cooking, gardening and playing the flute at a strictly amateur level. She also has a particular interest in history and archaeology.

AKA: Marie Leveau, Smaug, Theoden Ednew, Snowbird, Colonel Samantha Carter, Anne Boleyn, Jaelithe, River Song, Harley

You might call me the "Once and Future Editor." It was my pleasure to be an Editor and Genie here at PanHistoria for quite a few years. But life got a bit insane and I had to take a "Panhistoria break.." I never stopped writing though and now that some of the chaos has sorted out, I am happy to be back here among friends doing something I love.

Joey Aristophanes
AKA: Raider, Skip Aristophanes, Luke Aristophanes

I was born in the charming village of ___________, which is only _____ kms from the bustling metropolis of ____________. A part of Pan for many years, I take distinct pride in my efforts at _________________, ________________, and of course _________________.

When not logged on here, I work as a _______________, a career I have found most satisfying for ________ years. I am pleased that my efforts in this field have not gone unrewarded, including a Lifetime Achievement from the International ________________ Association, which you may rest assured hangs proudly in my _______________.

For those who may be curious, I stand __________ cms tall and, thanks to a daily regimen of diet and exercise, weigh a perfect _________ kg.

Should you have any question or issues about _________, ___________, and especially ___________, please feel free to send me an IM, and I will do my best to assist in the matter.

Jerry Cornelius
AKA: Jaq Malkhazian, Tayven Steele, Grey Malkin, Tom Fool, Tyger, Lionheart, Alexios, Zen, Hadrian Gray, Laurence Revell, Ruthven Loveless, Jolakotturinn, Kit Marlowe

In the general service of Pan since 2003, I've been everything at one time or another. Editor, Genie, Agent... in the case of Genie, I've actually done it twice. Once as Old School Genre Genie, and again as New School Genie - the role now known as Illustrator. I tend to hang around in scifi and fantasy novels, where I persistently meddle with dustjackets as an excuse for not writing. In the outside world, I work in digital marketing and web development to disguise my real identity as cat wrangler and International Man of Mystery.

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