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   Hello there! Im Princess Irene of Prussia, im the third daugther from Alice of United Kindom and Prince LudwigIV,Grand Duke of Hesse and by rhine. My name take from teh greek and mean "peace". I was the olderSister of the last russian tsarina Alexandra Fjorodowna(Alix of Hesse and by rhine). In my life happens very sad thinks.. my youngest Sister may was diephihteria, she was to faint and to young..My youngest brother Fritti fell through the window..the poor boy..when i was twelve my Mother died, she has the same illnes like May.. It was very hard for us all. We shared a sad Chritmas in this year..Poor Papa was now alone, but we us great oldest Sister victoria and Ella who comfort us and play with us children. i Pictures, Images and Photos Well i grown up and i fell in Love with my first Couson Heinrich of Prussia, the younger Brother of the german Kaiser Willhelm II. Henry was so lovly, romantic and handsome so he has stolen my Heart. We meet us by my Grandmother Queen Victorias familymeet and it was the time where he did aks me to marry him. Of course i told him that i want. But my Grandmother was not happy with this match. But we both was strong enough to agrred them and we marry on the 24th May in 1888. My Wedding i will never forget. Photobucket In 1889 i was pregnant and i born on the 20th March a boy, Henry was so happy and we call the little Darling Waldemar. But Sadly he have the illnes Hämopholie.. the blood illness, my nephew have teh same illnes. On the 27th November 1896 was born my second Son Sigismund, thank god he dont have the illnes. On the 9th January in 1900 was bron my third Son i call him Henry Junior. After his great and lovly Father. But sadly after his fourth Birthday he fall douwn from a Chair and he has the same illnes like Waldemar.. sadly my youngest boy died.. he did loose to much blood. It was a terrible time for me and Henry.

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The Romanovs - One Last Dance

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Marie Nikolaievna
Aleksandra Feodrovna
Queen Mary
Edward VIII
Edwina Ashley

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The Romanovs - One Last Dance

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