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In the Grand Theft Auto: Hotwire Novel:

...Going to take over the world one night at a time.

Top Dollar.
Crime lord.
Gun runner.
Drug smuggler.
Height - 6 ft 0 in. (yes, Michael Wincott is only 5 ft 9 in, what of it?)
Weight - 226 lbs
Age - Mid to late 30's
Birthdate - October 31st
Hair Color - Light brown
Hair Length - down to his waist
Eyes - Hazel
Identifying Marks - None that can be seen in public ;)
Closest Living Relations - Vivian Dollarty, his wife; Mya, his half-sister.

Top Dollar, serial murderer, sexual deviant, drug dealer, psychopath. As he would say, he's just a businessman, and he does have some loyalty to those who work for him. In return he demands absolute loyalty and honesty in return. He is a highly skilled marksman and has a special passion and talent for fencing. To that end he works out every day, boxing and akido, karate and of course fencing. Makes him strong yet agile, and damned light on his feet.

Top considers himself a sporting man, not that he won't take unfair advantage or cheat upon occasion, he will. He is a drug runner, and can on occasion have a tendency to test his own product, but he is too well disciplined to become truly addicted. Besides, that would cut into his overhead.

He has a long and tangled history within the nexus, having been one of the human monsters that stalked the hallways of the Transgression community for several months, and in that time he became intrigued by, and eventually falling in love (in spite of his trying not to) with Vivian. Having lost her once to Blade and Jaydyn Whistler, and nearly lost her again to Deacon Frost's blood lust, he refused to lose her again and married her.

He still kills women, the compulsion for sex and blood too strong to completely ignore; and he also partakes in cocaine upon occasion. Both of these things he keeps under cover and keeps far away from Vivian, or his home, preferring not to mix his pleasures with his pleasures. From his victims he will use body parts (most particularly their eyes) in a black magic ritual that allows him to see into the future, the signs and portents of things to come. It is one of the things taught him by his half-sister, Mya, and the spell he'll use most often.

The very gifted may notice that there is something slightly 'off' about Mr. Dollar, and it has to do with a little breaking-and-entering incident that happened a while back in the nexus. After entering a big blue closet that fell from the sky, he was enveloped in a cloud of green glowing mist. He didn't pay attention, the unusual blade on the wall drew was much more interesting. So he was able to make off from the Tardis with the doctors' own gifted sword, and a little something more. Something called 'Jack Harkness Syndrome', which enables him to rise from the dead, within five minutes of being killed. He doesn't realize this, yet. But when he does...

He now lives in LA under protest, preferring his city or New York to the western sunshine. In fact, he would never have come here at all, if it weren't for his wife Viv, who wanted desperately to come back to her home to have their baby. As he has to make the best of it, he's decided to open shop in the City of Angels with his own brand of toys. The sign on the front reads that it's a military and hunting supply store. But behind doors and locks, and down a stairway to a overly large basement the weapons are much bigger, much more powerful, much more 'specialized'. And they are able to be sold to anyone - no discrimination here. Wanna kill a vamp? He's got an in on everything from stakes to garlic to other things found after local shootouts and duplicated in his labs and warehouses. Need silver nitrate bullets, or silver coated handcuffs, or holy water hand grenades? They can be found somewhere around, for the right price. And if he doesn't have it? Well, he still has his connections back home.

RP journal for fictional character Top Dollar from the fist 'Crow' movie, used for fun and role playing activities. I am not Michael Wincott, nor am I Top Dollar.

In the Writer's Muses Novel:

**Within the Writer_Muses community, I am going to attempt to draw upon his history in writing prompts, in attempt to keep him relatively canon.**

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World Under Siege
Grand Theft Auto: Hotwire - Out of Print
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