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   Hsu Danmei's Official Timeline FPK (for player knowledge) ONLY!

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: Born about 17 CE on the Steppes in what is modern day Kazakhstan.
FIRST DEATH: Was killed in retribution for trying to usurp the chieftain of his tribe.
SWORD(S) AND/OR OTHER WEAPONS: A curved scimitar, or at times a broadsword. Also wears a Browning 9mm.
KNOWN TEACHERS: He has had a few teachers, but the first was one Lingdian Shi who taught him to read and write.
HEIGHT/WEIGHT/PHYSICIAL DESCRIPTION: 6'2", muscular build, striking pale blue eyes and dark brown wavy hair.
CITIZENSHIP/ETHNIC ORIGIN: Hsiung-nu...currently he's Canadian.
PARENTS AND/OR OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: Cassandra found him as a baby and raised him until he saw her "die" at age 10.
SPOUSE OR LOVER: Snowman, a vampire and his closest friend.
POLITICAL BELIEFS/AFFILIATIONS: Believes that he should be the one in charge. He uses his influence to promote his own idealogies in certain unstable parts of the world.
HOBBIES/RECREATIONS: Skiing, horseriding, motor-racing, horse-racing.
PERSONAL QUALITIES (GOOD AND BAD): He likes blondes, almost to an obsession...although won't rule out the occassional lovely brunette or redhead. He is ruthless and ambitious. Once he sets his mind to something, he usually gets it. He's not very patient and has a violent temper. He also has a dry sense of humour and doesn't reveal his emotions easily.
AMBITIONS: To rule the world, or as much of it as possible.
PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE (IN ONE PHRASE): Power, profit, that order.

======== WATCHER FILE: HSU DANMEI. For Watchers and Player Knowledge Only
Watcher File: Hsu Danmei

Known Aliases: Daniel Harrison; Dieter Haag; Suleiman Usman; Robert Grayson
Unique Characteristics: Striking pale blue eyes
Most Recent Base of Operations: Dubai, UAE
Occupation: Banker
Roster of Immortal Activity: Alive
Watcher: Classified

Born: 17 CE
Origin/Cultural Affiliation: Hsiung-nu
First Death: circa 40 CE
Circumstance: Executed for usurping his tribal chieftain
First Teacher: Unknown.
Chronicle Entries: 87 CE; 165 to 185 CE; circa 1200; 1850; 1995 to 2006

Chronicle Entry:
The most striking feature of Hsu Danmei's is his eyes. They are the palest blue I have ever seen, and they are also extremely penetrating. I have seen top executives in his corporation wilt beneath their gaze. This is a man used to power and having control over people and is exceptionally confident in this ability to do so. He is tall, imposing, and beneath all the finely tailored suits he wears, very athletic.

Born about 17CE into the confederation of tribes known as the Hsiung-nu, Hsu spent the first ten years of his life as a slave among the Kunshans, a rival tribe vying with his own for land and power. He was raised during this time by his adopted mother, the immortal Cassandra. Given Cassandra's way, it is to be assumed that she was grooming the pre-immortal Hsu to fight and be an instrument of her revenge against the legendary Four Horsemen*. However, fate intervened, and Cassandra was killed by the Kunshans, leaving Hsu to flee to escape the same fate. He finally reunited with his own tribe and trained as a warrior. Eventually he rebelled against his chieftain, resulting in his first death. Soon after he mounted a successful coup and took control of the tribe for himself. This led to many decades of raids and battles, his army growing larger as he conquered more Hsiung-nu tribes. Many times his raids took him into China and border warlord estates. On one such raid of the warlord Kong Aonu, it's believed he took a blonde haired girl. For some reason after this raid, Hsu headed across the Hindu Kush in winter. Many in his army are believed to have died that winter, but the sheer fact that many still survived despite the freezing temperatures and near starvation is a testament to the strength of Hsu's will and determination.

After some years, unrest grew in his army and while the cause remains unknown, it's felt that there was a desire by a faction of his men, including his chief lieutenant, Chen, to return to their homeland. When Hsu refused, there was mutiny and Hsu was ambushed by the Kunshans that had settled in the area (aided by the distinct possibility Chen betrayed his commander's whereabouts).

The Kunshans then handed Hsu over to Kong Aonu and was subjected to lengthy and brutal torture. Fate intervened to save Hsu's life again when just as Kong would have taken his head, some of Hsu's men still loyal to him interrupted.

Several decades later (about 165 CE), Hsu was captured in an attack on the Easter fringes of the Roman Empire. Made a slave once again and with his obvious warrior background and size, Hsu was made a gladiator. He won his freedom when impressing the co-Emperor, Lucius Verus, on the condition that he join the Legions. Adopting various names and ranks over the next couple of centuries Hsu worked his way through the ranks and postings of the Roman armies, diligently learning all he could about the Roman methods of warfare and military. Then in the late fourth century, he fades from record and only conjecture and rumour can be used.

We can suppose he has long had practice in expecting loyalty and obedience.
It seems Hsu also worked to foster an appearance of mortality by adopting heirs.
And such records have been patchy since then. But it is believed he was associated with Darius' army as it sacked Rome. How closely is not known, but there are reports from Grayson's Watcher that the two met up, peacefully, on a few later occasions.
Other instances:
A Viking raiding Britain in the 10th and 11th centuries.
A Crusader on the First (and possibly other) Crusade
There is solid evidence that he was a commander in Genghis Khan's army in the early 1200s
A landed knight in the 14th century, near Toulouse
There is a report (unconfirmed) of him meeting with Richard, Duke of Gloucester, just before Gloucester usurped the throne of England in 1483. He has also been a pirate, a plantation owner, bordello owner during the California goldrush, as well as many times a soldier.

The modern Hsu Danmei is a successful, wealthy businessman, and I might add, a very attractive and eligible bachelor. Although he very much enjoys the company of women, he seems to have no interest in forging a lasting relationship. Indeed, away from the business world, he can be almost a recluse, enjoying his own company above that of others.

However, it is never wise to forget who this man is and was. He began as a barbarian and a warlord. Hsu is a dangerous man and ruthless, and it is not unknown for him to bring these traits with him into the boardroom.

Brigitte Ziegler, Field Operative
May 2002


[coming soon]
Hsu Danmei is an Original Character from the Highlander Universe, which is owned by Panzer/Davis Productions. I'm just using the concept of immortality as my own private playground to play in, and don't make any money from this.

Hsu's avatar is Gerard Butler.

There are a few supporting characters that occasionally appear, they are: Andy MacDonald (avatar a smaller, leaner Jason Statham)
Marcus Johnson (avatar Tyrese)
Brigitte Ziegler (avatar Sandra Bullock)
Note: This is an RP journal. The views that Hsu touts are in no way those of his writer. He is a fictional character.

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