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~*~ Under The Mistletoe! ~*~

Spread holiday cheer with parasitic love!

Step 1) Find someone you want to kiss. The type of kiss doesn't matter. You could be after a sweet little peck from your dear friend, a big wet slobbery smooch on your honey or a deep sensual toe-curling kiss from the lover of your dreams. As long as you want to kiss 'em you're good to go. [Disclaimer 1]

Step 2) Come to this thread. Oh wait, you're already here. Great! You're ahead of the curve so move onto step three.

Step 3) If the one your jonesing to mac on is online through the Instant Message Panel click on the name to open an Instant Message so you can catch them with parasitic kiss-inducing greenery overhead. If they're not online consider sending them a Home Message instead.

Step 4) Highlight and copy the handy dandy HTML code from the below text box at the bottom of this post.

Step 5) Paste the HTML code into the Instant Message or Home Message of the one destined for your magical kiss.

Step 6) Optional for the HTML savvy – Swap out the first “X” in the code with your kissee's name (Example - To: Awoserra Aqenenra Apepa) and the last “X” with your own name (Example - From: Hatshepsut). If you like you can even insert a sonnet, love letter or graphic image. [Disclaimer 2]

Step 7) Click send! You've now caught your unsuspecting mark....errr...innocent victim...errr....helpless prey... Ummm.... adored sweetheart under the mistletoe for a kiss! [Disclaimer 3]

The Copy & Paste Mistletoe Code

It should look like this when you send:


You've Been Caught...

Under The Mistletoe!



[1] It is the responsibility of those soliciting for kisses that the recipient is susceptible to their charms. Mistletoe takes absolutely no liability for collateral damages resulting from kiss solicitation including but not limited to a smack to the face or other assault, rebuffs of polite or impolite nature, fleeing of the solicited and restraining orders. Mistletoe recommends sending parasitic love to those who are likely to be receptive of your amorous attentions.

[2] Graphic Images specifically refers to pixel data in image form, insinuations from Mistletoe's suggestion to send images of an explicit nature is not intended and Mistletoe can not be held responsible for misinterpretation by those with a dirty dirty mind.

[3] Mistletoe does not, will not and can not guarantee kissy reciprocation from those being caught under her lovely leaves and toxic berries. Mistletoe magic is not absolute. Those utilizing her parasitic enchantment to gain kisses may be required to draw upon their own charms and Mistletoe sure as heck can't make up for what you ain't got. Sorry, bub.

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Testing Panda
Jul 21, 2012 02:50 pm

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