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Mileena Zaine

Age- 28

Birthplace- Italy

Occupation- Criminal Psychologist

Marital Status- Single- once engaged

Temperament- Serious, quiet, very polite

Pet Peeves- disorganization, feet, ex fiancee


Lena was born and raised in Italy her family mainly resides in Sicily on the island of Marsala. It's home to her and always will be, she only moved away once right after she split from her fiancee. She spent time in California with her father and his side of the family, after about six months she became homesick and went back to Italy. When she returned she found herself reassigned to a new station and new team unfortunately the worst part of that team was her ex...

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City of the Undead - Out of Print
Life As We Know It

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Gabriel Cortez
Faith Saldivar
Mike Newton
Eden Sanchez
Brenna Fitzgerald

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