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Getting Started ~ Pseudonyms and Characters

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About Pan Historia:

What is Pan Historia?

Pan Historia is a member supported community designed for writers, readers, graphic artists, and researchers - with an emphasis on interactive creative fiction called story play, role play, or round table writing. Pan Historia is also a home for all sorts of writers and readers, with sections for short stories and poetry as well as the story play Novels where members write collaborative fiction. Reference Books and Magazines focus on particular areas of interest, allowing for discussion, trivia and socialization on a wide range of topics.

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Getting Started - Creating a Character:

What is the difference between a pseudonym and a character?

Your pseudonym is your login ID. It is what you use to sign in to Pan Historia. Your pseudonym is private: only you will know what it is. Characters are the players you use to participate in the various novels, reference books, and other areas. One pseudonym can have multiple characters.

How many characters can I create?

As a Cub, you create one character, which is made at the time you register. After a minimal number of logins, you will automatically progress to Writer level, and you can create up to three characters. You can also purchase additional character slots, up to a 50 character maximum, for two Pandabucks or 21 panickels each.

How do I create a character?

Creating a character is easy! Just go to the Message and Character Center page from the Jump Menu, and click on the Create a Character image. It will take you directly to the form to fill out. OR - just click on the link to the right, and it will take you to the page.

How do I change between characters?

At the top of each page is the Character Menu - a pulldown box with a list of all your characters.

  • Click on the name to view your other character names.
  • Select one of the names from the menu.
  • A dialog box appears asking for the password for that character. Enter the correct password into the dialog box, and you have switched.
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    IMPanel & Instant Messages:

    What is the IMPanel?

    The IMPanel, or Instant Message Panel, should pop up immediately after you log into Pan. It's a long narrow panel that shows you who is online at Pan. Clicking on a character's name will open up an IM, or Instant Message box, where you can type a message and talk to anyone online.

    I don't see my IMPanel.
    ~ Or ~
    I don't receive Instant Messages.

    Both the IMPanel and Instant Messages work on the same principle as pop-ups, so if you have a program that blocks pop-ups, you won't get either Instant Messages or your IMPanel. Set your browser and any antivirus programs to allow pop-ups on Pan, or disable the pop-up blocker while you're on Pan and you will receive them normally. Never fear: except for the occasional administrative announcement, there are no pop-up ads here at Pan, but the IMPanel and IMs work on some of the same principles. For further information see the Unblocking Pop-ups page.

    How do I send a message?

    To send a message to anyone listed on the IMPanel, click on their name, and an Instant Message window pops up. Insert your text there. You can include HTML code in your message.

    What do the different colored icons mean next to the names?

    The different icons represent different levels of membership, or that the character is a member of the Pan Historia Staff. Clicking on the icon takes you to that character's home. For further information about member levels, go to the Pan Historia Membership Levels page.

    What do the blinking icons mean?

    A blinking icon is a busy signal. It means that the character is busy. Unless you are already in conversation with that character, courtesy dictates that you leave them alone. The busy signal is available to all members by clicking on the Status link at the top of the IMPanel.

    I want to send a gram, but the character's name is gray, and I don't get an Instant Message.

    If a character's name is gray instead of white, they are using the "Do Not Disturb" feature, which allows their name to appear but not let them get grams. They may be busy, or on a computer or smartphone where they do not wish to receive grams. See the Pandemoney section of this FAQ for information on how to buy this feature.

    Can I have my character be invisible, and not show at all on the IMPanel?

    Yes. See the Pandemoney section of this FAQ for information on how to buy this feature.

    Can I save my Instant Messages?

    Yes, you can save grams in an IM Bank. See the Pandemoney section of this FAQ for information on how to buy this feature. If you have purchased an IM Bank, you can click on the Save to Bank button in the top left of your gram. There will be an Open Message Bank button on the bottom of your IMPanel that allows you to retrieve stored messages. Your Bank can hold up to 50 saved messages.

    Are there any messages that go against Pan Historia's rules?

    Yes, abusive and harassing messages are not allowed. Unwanted requests for personal information, including age/sex/location (A/S/L), your personal email address or any other private details are against Pan Historia's Privacy Policy.

    I just got an abusive message from another member. What do I do now?

    Pan Historia does not tolerate abuse of its members. You are all valuable to us, and we strive to provide you with an abuse-free environment in which to create. If someone sends you an abusive message, click on the Copy for Admin button on the offending message. It will go directly to the Pan Historia Staff, who will take the appropriate action.

    I accidentally clicked the Copy for Admin button on an Instant Message, but it's not an abusive message! What do I do now?

    Don't worry. We understand mistakes happen, and everyone has pushed the wrong button from time to time. Just tell an Agent or Publisher, and they'll be happy to take care of it for you. If neither is online, you can always send a gram to yourself that says you sent one in error, and Copy that clarification for Admin.

    I get too many Instant Messages! Isn't there a way to stop them?

    Yes, there are three ways. If you would like the option to be online and let people see you but not message you, you can purchase Do Not Disturb for only one Pandabuck or 6 Pannickels. Or to be completely unseen, Invisibility is available for only two Pandabucks or 21 panickels. These features can be turned on and off by the Status link at the top of the IMPanel. See the Pandemoney section of this FAQ for information on how to buy these features.

    If you are receiving unwanted Instant Messages from a single person, you can click on the Ignore messages from (member name) link at the bottom of each gram. This will tell you that "Messages from (member name) will no longer be delivered." This will stay in effect until you click on their name in the panel again, as if you were going to send them an Instant Message. You will get a box that says "You are ignoring (member name). Do you wish to revoke the ignore?" If you choose Yes, then messages will be delivered normally again.

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    Homes & Avatars:

    What is the difference between a Home, a Profile, and a Study?

    Your Home is where you can get creative, and decorate to your heart's content. It is an expression of your character's identity. On it you will find the list of the Novels and Reference books you are part of, and a list of everyone you have made friends with for that character.

    Your Profile is a summary of who your character is, what novels and reference books your character is in, and when you logged in last as that character. Both places have a link to where people can leave you a note, but you need to go to your home or to Message and Character Center page or the My Stuff page to be able to read your messages. See the section on messages for more info.

    A Study is a customizable page that can be purchased for two Pandabucks per character, and it is good for the life of that character. If the character is deleted, the study is also deleted. See the Pandemoney section of this FAQ for information on how to buy this feature.

    What size Avatar and Home Image should I have?

  • Avatars should be no more that 100 pixels wide, and no more than 160 pixels high, in either GIF (.gif) or JPEG (.jpg) format. Don't forget to web-optimize the image to 72 dpi before uploading it to your home. If your avatar looks distorted when you upload it, try resizing it to exactly 100w x 160h with your graphics program, then re-uploading it to your home.

  • Home Images should be no more than 240 pixels wide, and no more than about 160 pixels high, also in either GIF (.gif) or JPEG (.jpg) format. The width is forced, the height you have a bit of leeway on. Make sure to web-optimize the image by saving it at 72 dpi before uploading it to your home. If your home image looks distorted when you upload it, try resizing it to exactly 240w x 160h with your graphics program, then re-uploading it to your home.
  • I'm not good with graphics programs. Where can I find ready-made Avatars?

    There are about as many tips and tricks to finding good avatar and home images as there are folks who are members of Pan Historia! Some of the better resources include:

    Pan Historia's Avatar Shop
    The Avatar Shop is a great resource for both avatars and home images. So be sure to check out Pan Historia's Avatar Shop. Who knows you might find something you like...
    Photographs and painted portraits of historical persons
    These can be found all over the internet and in books at your public library. If you have a scanner, chances are you will give it a workout here at Pan Historia.
    Dover copyright free image books, CD's and image galleries.
    Dover Publishing puts out some very wonderful books of copyright free clip art in the forms of books, CD ROM's and such to help you put together some interesting characters and imagery for your stories.
    Avatar Shops & Web Rings
    Many of the community sites had enthusiasts that would put together copyright-free images that members could use in order to create their character personas. Here are some of the Web sites that are available for avatars:
  • Where can I get HTML help?

    The best place at Pan Historia is right on your home page! At the top right of each home, there is a "Need Help Decorating?" link, which will take you to the Pan Home Decorator. This wizard will walk you through many of the basic changes and help you customize your home.

    You can also find help at the HTML Decoder, which provides basic HTML codes to use in your home and also is a forum for HTML questions and problems.

    For more advanced questions and tutorials about graphics, javascript, and web design, the ACME Web Factory reference book is the place to look.

    Can I upload and use MIDI files on my homepage?

    No. The upload utility here at Pan Historia will only accept .jpg and .gif files. And, while there is nothing to prevent you from externally referencing a MIDI, please be courteous if you must use one, and make sure there is a way for people visiting your home to turn it off.

    How can I get more webspace here at Pan Historia?

    Webspace can also be purchased for a modest fee, which includes additional space to upload images. See the Pandemoney section of the FAQ, or go directly to your Pandabox to learn more.

    Is there a way to go to a character's home without using the Character Finder?

    Yes, there are many ways. If they are on line, just click on the icon next to their name in the IMPanel and a new window comes up and displays their home. Each time you click on an icon, a new window appears with that character's home in it. Or if you are reading someone's post, you can click on the writer's name, and a new window will open to their home. The third way, is from a novel or reference book dustjacket. You can click on a member's name, and it will take you to their profile page. If you click on the icon next to their name, it will take you to their home page. If they've sent you an IM, you can click on their avatar within the IM. Lastly, if you've made them a Friend, you can click on their name from either the My Friends and Salon page or the My Friends area of the My Stuff page and go directly to their home. To learn more about the Friends feature, go here.

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    Navigating the Site ~ Jump Menu, My Stuff, and member specific info:

    What is the Jump Menu?

    The Jump Menu in the upper right of your screen is a shortcut menu to navigate quickly to important places around the site. Here are some simple explanations:

    • Message and Character Center ~ Create or delete characters, change their passwords, check for home messages, or search for specific characters.
    • My Stuff ~ A hub for all of your specific information. For more information, go here
    • My Home ~ A shortcut to go to the Home of the character you're logged into. To learn more about homes, see Homes & Avatars.
    • Novels ~ At the top, you'll find a list of the novels you have joined. Click on their names to go to their Dustjacket. Underneath, there are links to all the different genres pages, where you can learn about the novels in each genre. For more about novels, see All About Novels.
    • Reference Books and Blogs ~ The top of this page will show all the Reference books you've joined, and any blogs that you have purchased. Underneath that is a list of all the current Reference Books on Pan. To learn more, see About Reference Books and About Blogs and Salons.
    • Subscription and Web Space ~ Links to your subscription information, the Pandabox and to your webspace, if you've purchased it.
    • Links and Searches ~ The My Links area allows you to add important links to anything on Pan or anywhere on the web. See below for more info. The Search boxes can help you find specific characters, novels or reference books, or even the daily index from any time in the past. The My Bookmarks section is where you will find the Bookmarks you created.
    • My Friends and Salons ~ See below for more info about the Friends list, and About Blogs and Salons for info on Salons.
    • Daily Index ~ A list of all community board posts for that day. It's the page you get when you first log on. See here for more info.
    • The Site Map ~ A hub of useful links, here for more info
    • News Desk ~ Important Site news, see here for more info
    • FAQ ~ this Frequently Asked Questions page

    What is the My Stuff page?

    The My Stuff page provides a wealth of information and is a great starting point for just about anywhere you want to go. You will find links to just about everywhere, including your Novels, Reference books, Blogs, Salons, and even your Pandemoney page. The My Stuff page is where you change a password for a character or your pseudonym, delete a character, link to favorite web pages, search for a character, novel, or reference book, go directly to a past Daily Index, and much much more! Due to the amount of specific information, this may take longer than some pages to load. For quicker navigation, choose the category specific links on the Jump Menu.

    How can I quickly get to the Novels & Reference Books that I belong to?

    There are two ways. One is using the Jump Menu and clicking on either the Novels or the Reference Books and Blogs link. At the top of each page, you will find a listing of either the novels or the reference books to which your characters are currently subscribed. To get to the dustjacket of any of them, click on the title.

    The second way is to use the Jump Menu to go to your My Stuff page, which will list all of your novels and your reference books on one page. Once again, to get to the dustjacket of any of them, click on the title.

    How do I delete one of my characters, go to their home, or change their password?

    Using the Message and Character Center puts all of those options right at your fingertips. Here, you will find a listing all the characters you have created. Clicking on one of your character's names takes you to that character's home. There is a link to delete a character next to each character's name (you will have to know that character's password). A different link at the bottom of the area takes you to the change passwords form.

    You can also do this on your My Stuff page.

    How do I know if someone has left me a note at one of my homes?

    Using the Jump Menu, go to the Message and Character Center. If the icon next to your character's name blinking, then that character has a recent message. Clicking on the blinking icon will take you to the message area for that character.

    You can also go the My Stuff page and look at the Home and Message Center area, which is the same thing.

    When you read your messages, you are given the option to archive them. To view stored messages, use the Message and Character Center.

    How do I find a specific Character, Novel, or Reference Book, or view past Daily Indexes?

    The easiest way is to use the My Searches section of the Links and Searches page or your My Stuff page. For Novels, Characters, or Reference Books, enter the name of the Character, Novel, or Reference Book - even a few letters will work - and select GO! The results are displayed in a list. Clicking on the name from that list will take you to where you selected.

    To view a specific past Daily Indexes, simply select the date from the Daily Index Search and click on GO. That day's daily index is displayed.

    Is there someplace I can put my favorite links?

    Yes. You can use the Links and Searches option from the Jump Menu, or the My Links section of the My Stuff page. Clicking on the Edit button next to My Links takes you to a quick form to fill out. Put the name you want have displayed for the link in the box for "Link Title." Put the URL you want to link to in the box for "Link Url." Do not enter the "http://" part of the URL, though. To create the link, click on the Submit button. The link appears in gold in the My Links section.

    To delete a link, click on the blue and magenta X next to the name of the link. You will need to enter your pseudonym (login) password on the page that follows, then confirm your deletion. Deletion is permanent. Once deleted, you will have to re-enter the information if you want to have the link in your list.

    What are My Bookmarks?

    When you view a post, there is an option to bookmark above the top right of the post. The bookmarks show up in the My Bookmarks section of the Links and Searches page.

    To delete a bookmark, just like the links, click on the blue and magenta X next to the name of the bookmark. You will need to enter your pseudonym (login) password on the page that follows, then confirm your deletion. Deletion is permanent.

    What is the My Web Page File Manager for?

    Web space file manager link is available on the Subscription and Web page from the Jump Menu, or on the middle left of the My Stuff page, and will be inactive unless you have purchased that feature. If you have bought Web Space, you can use the My Web Page File Manager to edit and view your web pages. See the Pandemoney section of this FAQ for information on how to buy this feature.

    What is the Friends list?

    The Friends list is a convenient way to keep track of all your friends at Pan Historia. You can visit their homes to leave a message simply by clicking on the name. In addition, when a character you have made a friend comes online, their name goes to the top of the IMPanel under the Friends Online section, where you can easily see them.

    How do I make someone my Friend?

    You can make someone your Friend by clicking on the Make (character name) a Friend link in an Instant Message they send you, or by going to their Home and clicking on the Make me a friend link on the right hand side of their home.

    How can I find out who has me as a Friend?

    At the top of your My Friends and Salons page, there a link that will take you to a list of everyone who has made you a friend.

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    All About Novels:

    Where can I find a list of all the Novels?

    A complete listing of the novels can be found by choosing Novels from the Jump Menu. You may then view the novels by name list or by Genre, or search to find a novel by subject, content, or title.

    What are the Genres?

    The Genres were created to loosely classify the the subjects of the many novels here at Pan so that the members might more easily find the one that's right for them. Each of the Genre homepages can be viewed by choosing Novels from your Jump Menu and then clicking on the banners, or from the Dailies page, by choosing a genre from the list at the bottom of the blue sidebar. There are also discussion forums for each Genre which can be accessed from the Dailies page as well.

    Each Genre has one or two Staff members who promote their genres. If you have any questions about a Genre, its Novels, or if you have items of interest to share, please contact the Genre's staff members. They'll be happy to help.

    What are the Zones?

    The Zones are Genre-specific Novels created to promote activity and provide a place for members to socialize with others in their chosen Genre. The is one for each of the Genres at Pan.

    How do I join a Novel?

    There are two ways to join a novel, both of which are found on the left hand side of the novel's Dust Jacket, under the list of members.

    You may create a new character for the novel. Clicking on this option will take you to a form where you may enter your new character's name and specifics. If you have reached your limit of character names, you may purchase more with Pandabucks or Panickels. See the Pandemoney section of the FAQ.

    Or you may add one of your existing characters to the novel. When you choose this option you will be asked to choose one of your current character names from a drop down box and to say a few words about your character.

    What is the difference between an Open and a Closed novel?

    A member may join an "Open" novel simply by creating a character for it or by adding an existing character. There are links underneath the member list on the left of the Dustjacket that read, "Create a Character for Novel name" and "Add Your Existing Character to Novel name."

    The same process is used to join a "Closed" novel but the application is subject to approval by the Board Members (MoB) of the book. The novel may be accepting new members, but MoB might just want to know who is applying and confirm that your character will fit into the novel, as well as help you get settled. Or, there may be certain criteria for joining. You are encouraged to ask the MoB if you have any questions.

    What are the Novel Ratings, and what do they mean?

    Ratings on the novels allow members to tell at a glance the type of content they might expect to find within any given novel. Parents can use this guide when monitoring what their children or teens are reading on the site. The ratings are similar to those used in the film industry. You will find a complete listing of the ratings used here at Pan Historia, along with a description of each, by viewing our Rating System.

    What are the Story Boards, Novel Boards, and Planning Boards, and what are they used for?

    While each novel is slightly different, generally the Novel Boards contain the novel itself and the Story Boards contain background posts along with posts of a more social nature. Any member of Pan may read these two boards. The Planning Boards can only be read by members of the novel and are used for plotting and other discussions among the writers in the novel.

    What do the navigation bars above and below the displayed post do?

    Most of the buttons you see will take you to another part of whichever book you are reading. Just try them all out to see where they go. There are three of them however that warrant some explanation.

    New Topic: In most novels and reference books, the Board Members ask that the members do not begin new topics without discussing it with them first. This is to keep the boards as organized as possible. If you don't see where your post may fit in, just contact a Board Member and they will be happy to work with you.

    Edit: It's always a good idea to proofread your post once it's up. If you've misspelled a word, or the link you've inserted isn't going anywhere, or if you simply think of better words, the Edit button is for you. When you click on it, you will be able to make changes to your post, just as you would in any word processing program, though the system does not allow changes to a post title. If you have mistitled your post, you can delete it (after making sure you have a copy of it), and repost with the correct title as long as no one has replied to it. You may only edit your own posts.

    Delete: Clicking on this button will allow you to permanently delete your post. You will be offered a text box containing a copy of your post and underneath will be a 'delete' button. Once you click on this button your post is gone forever, so be sure you have a copy of it if you need one. You can change your mind by simply hitting the 'back' button on your browser. Again, if someone has already replied to your post it cannot be deleted and you may only delete your own posts.

    My favorite topic in my novel (or reference book) disappeared. What happened?

    Your topic could have disappeared for a number of reasons, one of which is that it could have simply fallen onto another page. Try hitting the 'older messages' button on the topics listing. If you still don't see it, leave a message for one of the Board Members.

    What is a MoBster (Member of the Board) and what do they do?

    The Board Members, or MoBs or MoBsters, are the leaders of the Novel or Reference Book. They set the tone of the book and work hard to keep it active and interesting. The members of the book look to the MoBsters for guidance. MoBsters maintain the Dust Jacket and are responsible for reviewing applications for membership, and most importantly, communicating with the members.

    How do I become a Board Member?

    If you are interested in becoming a Member of the Board, the first thing to do is to become active in your book. Then contact one of the current MoBsters to discuss your willingness to help out.

    Help! I just became a MoBster! What do I do?

    There is a special topic on the Community Boards, Board Member Help, where you can pick up pointers for running a sucessful book or ask questions of other Board Members

    How do I start a novel?

    All the information you need can be found in the Novel Application Guide.

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    About Reference Books and Magazines:

    What are Reference Books, and where do I find them?

    Reference Books are member organized groups, each focusing on a particular subject. A complete listing can be found by choosing Reference Books from your Jump Menu. The answers to many of the questions concerning the novels also pertain to the reference books.

    How do I join a Reference Book?

    On left hand side of the Dust Jacket of each Reference Book just click on "Apply to Join" and fill out the application. If you have more than one character, make sure that the name of the one you want in the book is showing in the box above the application text box. The Board Members regularly check for applications from prospective members and will leave you a message when you are accepted.

    What are the discussion and social boards for?

    Each Reference Book is set up a bit differently but the discussion boards tend to be more for articles on the various topics pertaining to the subject while the social boards lean more toward informal discussion, introductions, games and the business of the book.

    What are some of the special reference books?

    The site has sponsored several reference books which further some of the community activities here at Pan.

    ACME Web Factory is the place to go for web design and graphics help from the pros.

    The Symposia is designed to be a catch-all Reference Book for things that don't fit neatly into the other Reference Books at Pan. It is also the place you start if you have an idea for a new Reference Book.

    How do I start a Reference Book?

    First, check to see if a similar Reference Book exists already. If it does not and your idea is substantially different from everything offered, then you should go to The Symposia and ask for a thread to be created on the Discussion Board there. If the discussion really takes off, then your topic could easily become a Reference Book in its own right. It's a good idea to post your ideas at Pan Historia Junction, or the Zone of your choice, to see if there are other interested members.

    What are Magazines, and where do I find them?

    Magazine are like Reference Books, each one focusing on a particular subject, however they belong to the site and are administered by Staff Members and friendly volunteers who have an interest in the subject matter at hand. They can be found listed with the Reference Books, either by using the Jump Menu, or looking at the Reference Books and Magazines page which lists the threads on the Discussion Boards of each.

    How do I join a Magazine?

    You may join a Magazine by simply adding your character using the link provided under the memberlist on the left hand side of the Dust Jacket. If you have more than one character, make sure that the name of the one you want in the book is showing in the box above the text box. However, you do not have to be a member to post to a Magazine, they are completely open and any member of Pan Historia may post to them, just like the Community Boards on the Daily Index page.

    How do I start a Magazine?

    Magazines are free, but are created at the discretion of the Publishers of Pan Historia. To pitch an idea for a topic you would like to see covered by a Magazine, simply post it to the Magazine Pitches thread

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    About Blogs and Salons

    Where are the Blogs?

    The blogs are accessible via the "View Blog Posts" link near the top of the main Daily index, which will take you to that day's posts for all the blogs. On the character homes, there is also a link on the right hand side, under the lists of novels and reference books that character belongs to. The link is called "My Blog" and if the character has purchased a blog, you can click on the name of the blog to see it.

    How do I get a Blog?

    Blogs are available for 4 Pandabucks a year per character, and can be purchased through your Pandabox. See the Pandemoney section of this FAQ for information on how to buy this feature.

    What are Salons, and how can I get one?

    Salons are private boards owned by one character. Only characters that belong to that salon can view it. Salons are 8 Pandabucks per year. Use the Salon link in your Pandabox.

    How can I join a Salon?

    Salons are by Invitation only. The owner of a Salon would have to add you; there is no application to join a salon. If you know someone who has a salon and you would like to join, talk to them directly.

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    Community Questions:

    What is the Jump Menu?

    The Jump Menu is the pulldown menu in the upper right hand corner of each page. This convenient tool is the quickest way to navigate between the main areas of Pan Historia. Just click on your destination. You can read about all the different options here.

    What is the Daily Index?

    The Daily Index is a great way to keep up with all that's happening at Pan! Along with any important site news listed at the top, every post made to the Community Boards on a particular day will be listed and linked to the post. The Daily Index is the page you get once you log in, and can also be reached from your Jump Menu.

    The Daily Index also contains links to the Daily post index for the Blogs, Novels, and Reference Books, or you can view daily indices for each of the Genres. There are also handy links to the Chat Room and other important areas around Pan.

    Haven't been here for a few days and want to know what you might have missed? Simply go to your My Links and Searches from the Jump Menu and down around the middle of the page is a date search for past dailies. Just choose a date and hit go and, viola! you are able to view that days daily index.

    In addition to using the date search for past dailies, there is a Previous Day link on the Dailies. You can find it situated directly above the date searchk.

    What is the Site Map?

    The Site Map is the hub of shortcuts to important pages around the Pan Historia Community. You can find information about Pan, tips on Roleplay, and many other informative pages. The Site Map can be reached via your Jump Menu.

    What is the News Desk?

    The News Desk is updated monthly, and lists all the new novels and reference books created in the past month, any contests that are running as well as the winners from completed contests. There is a link to the awards, the staff page, and many other important and informative places.

    What is the Pan Historian?

    The Pan Historian is our newspaper, written by our members. It contains articles, columns and interviews of different characters around Pan. Calls for Articles and character interview nominations are posted every few months on the main Daily Index, so keep an eye out if you're interested!

    What are the Pan Badges I see on character's homes and mentioned around the site?

    Pan Badges can be won in various contests, or are awarded for purchasing subscriptions during certain months. Click on any of the badges to go a page that describes and lists them, or click the following link ~ Pan Historia Badges.

    What are the different awards at Pan Historia, and who gives them out?

    Publisher Site Awards are given out by Pan Historia staff to show our appreciation for a member or a group of members' hard work and/or creativity. Please visit the Awards Page for a description of the awards and a list of past recipients.

    In addition, many novels and reference books give out their own awards and there is often a contest in progress which you can find on the Daily Index.

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    PH Staff & Problems at Pan Historia:

    What do the different staff members do at Pan Historia?

    Pan Historia Staff is made up of a special crew of unpaid Volunteers who have dedicated time and energy to helping Pan's members. There are four levels of staff and each have different areas of expertise to assist you. You can easily identify them by the color icons next to their names on the IMPanel. Never hesitate to tap any of them on the shoulder if you need assistance.

    Publishers: The publishers here at PanHistoria are the owners of the site. They are online building the site, adding new features and fixing things that are broken. They answer questions and generally help out when they can. They can be identified by the Red Star next to their names.

    Agents: Agents are site staff who fix things, answer questions, create novels, reference books, blogs and salons. They handle any disputes, infractions of the charter or complaints from members. They can be identified by a purple star next to their name on the IMPanel.

    Editors: Editors are committed members of the community who have various privileges and responsibilities. They are a very good person to find if you are lost or confused and just generally need assistance. They help organize events, games, and contests, as well as producing content to keep things lively. They are identified by the green star next to their names.

    Illustrators: Illustrators are committed members of the community who have special skills in HTML, CSS, home decoration, post decoration, and graphics. They help with events, decorations, banners, graphics, and all sorts of visual and graphic issues. They are identified by their teal star next their names.

    Who are the current Staff Members on Pan?

    You can see a list of the current Volunteer Staff on our Staff Page.

    I want to become an Editor, what do I do?

    Pan Historia has guidelines for its editors. If you are a very active and enthusiastic member and would like to be a part of our volunteer staff, contact an agent who can talk to you about editorship.

    I forgot my password.

    If you are already on the site, you may contact an agent or publisher and we will get your password to you right away. If you cannot get onto the site because of a forgotten password or a login problem, please email feedback@Pan using the email address you used when registering to the site. Also, you may wish to add "feedback" to your address book, just so that anti-spam tools don't inadvertently send the response to your "junk" bin, or worse yet, cyberspace.

    I'm having problems with another member. What do I do?

    Problems can range from abusive messages, to flaming, to unwanted attention. If you are having problems within your novel, the first recourse should be to let your MoB (Members of the Board) know of the problems. Many times they can solve issues within the novels.

    If you are receiving unwanted Instant Messages from a single person, you can click on the Ignore messages from (member name) link at the bottom of each gram. This will tell you that "Messages from (member name) will no longer be delivered." This will stay in effect until you click on their name in the panel again, as if you were going to send them an Instant Message. You will get a box that says "You are ignoring (member name). Do you wish to revoke the ignore?" If you choose Yes, then messages will be delivered as normal again.

    If you feel intervention is warranted, contact an Agent or a Publisher if one is on; they will do everything they can do help you resolve your problem. If neither is available, then contact an Editor. If for some reason there is no staff online, leave a message for Wyatt Earp.

    What is Pan Historia's Privacy Policy?

    The protection of each and every one of our subscribers' privacy is of the highest priority to us. Pan Historia will always endeavor to maintain the privacy of our subscribers' personal information to the best of our ability. Please read Pan Historia's Privacy Policy.

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    How does membership work?

    Pan Historia needs member support to survive. If you purchase a subscription, then you will receive many benefits, including special icons to let everyone know that you're a subscriber, as well as Pandemoney to spend on many of the wonderful features, including Invisibility, blogs, more character slots, and many others. You can see all of the current features available for purchase in the Pandabox.

    What are the different membership levels, and what do they mean?

    For a complete listing of the member levels and their icons, please visit the Member Levels page.

    How do I upgrade or renew my membership?

    It is easy to upgrade or renew your membership by going to the Subscription and Web Pages link on the Jump Menu. Or, you can visit your My Stuff page and click on the Panickel icon at the top, or the link to your Pandabox.

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    What is Pandemoney?

    Pandemoney is site currency and can be used on Pan Historia for a number of fun and useful features to improve your enjoyment of the site. One Pandabuck = 10 Panickels. Pandabucks cannot be purchased. They are collected by subscribing or by receiving them as gifts. Each level of subscription pays out a different number of Pandabucks. Pandabucks can be converted to Panickels.

    What can I buy with Pandemoney?

    You can buy some of the many cool features at Pan Historia like an Instant Message Bank, a Blog, a Study, Reserved Characters, Member Banners, Web Space, Invisibility, or you can give it away as a gift to your Pan Historia friends. You can see all the current features available for purchase in the Pandabox.

    How do I acquire Pandemoney and how do I know how much I have?

    At the top of the Subscriptions and Web Space page or the My Stuff page you will find notations saying "My Pandabucks" and "My Panickels" that will tell you how many of each you currently have. You will also see a Your Pandabox link that will let you view all of the features available and how much they cost. There is a link at the bottom of the page that leads you to a form to fill out in order to purchase Pandemoney. You can use Paypal or send a cheque or money order to the listed address.

    I would like to donate, but I don't know the conversion rate for my country's currency and the US dollar.

    In the worldwide economy, sometimes figuring out costs can be difficult because no two currencies in the world are matched. Even on a daily basis there can be major differences in conversion rates. If you pay by PayPal, then PayPal will do the conversion automatically and you won't need to figure out a thing. However, if you pay by Money Order, you will need to do a conversion. If on the day that you decide to purchase your membership you need a conversion rate from your country's currency to US Dollars (USD), simply go to the Oanda Currency Converter and you can quickly and easily find an idea what the cost is in US currency. If you can, please note the date that you figured the conversion rate along with your payment as a reference.

    What are the affiliate banners at the bottom of the page?

    By doing your shopping at one of Pan Historia's affiliates, you are helping to support the site. The site gets a percentage of each purchase you make through one of these links.

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    What are the Terms of Use for the site?

    The Pan Historia Community is intended to be a place for writers and roleplayers online. Pan Historia values all forms of Creativity on the Site. However, this must be done without impeding the enjoyment of any other members of the Site. Please read Pan Historia's Charter.

    How do I report an abuse of the site?

    If you feel that Pan Historia's Charter has been violated, please contact an Agent or a Publisher, or write to feedback@Pan

    I know a great partner for Pan Historia. Who do I tell?

    We are very excited that our members want to get involved in all aspects of helping Pan Historia be a successful community site. Many of you have come to us with potential link/affiliation sites. If you know of a business that fits into Pan Historia's focus or niche, please feel free to write to: feedback@Pan

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