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In the Slave to the Hunger Novel:

Name: Julia Augustina (Vampire)
Age: 2047
DOB: 39 B.C.E.
POB: Rome
Hair: Raven
Eyes: Brown
Height: 511
Weight: 140
Occupation: Businesswoman
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
City: Tahoe
Children: None Living
Father: Augustus; deceased
Mother: Scribonia; deceased
Siblings: None

Other Information: Julia is the Chancellor of the Senate and therefore all Vampires, Agents and Hunters ultimately answer to her regarding their actions when it threatens the continued secrecy and security of their society.

Before becoming Chancellor, Julia had already been a Senator for quite some time, taking her position when the previous Chancellor named her as his successor. In her time, Julia has governed firmly, fairly and always with an eye for security.

Julia lives in the Tahoe area and has properties on both the Nevada and California sides of the Tahoe region. It is from her primary residence in Tahoe that Julia oversees her businesses.

Over the centuries, Julia has been part of, had a hand in, invested in or simply owned many businesses. Her greatest financial mishap in recent memory however were her investments that resulted in the production of the RMS Titanic. With its loss, Julia reorganized her finances and excluded shipping from her portfolio. She is, however, an extremely wealthy woman.

Now, with the recent hostilities that threaten to shed light upon them all, Julia must hold the Kindred together along with a disintegrating Senate.

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Slave to the Hunger
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Apr 13, 2013 01:52 pm
The Senate member you wouldn't want to cross.
July 2008

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