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The burliest member of the Cullen Coven, Emmett Cullen was born into a large Irish-Scottish family from Gatlinsburg,Tennessee on April 1, 1915. Dying from a bear mauling twenty years later, Rosalie saved him, carrying him hundreds of miles so Carlisle Cullen could successfully turn him into a vampire. Rosalie later became his wife, and they have a wedding every couple of years to satisfy his beautiful and vain wife's tastes. Although he is of an intimidating size, he is jovial and the comic of the family, suffering no angst from being a member of the immortal undead. Emmett is a sports fanatic, spending the remainder of his free time arguing football stats with anyone who will listen. Emmett is now a strict abider of Carlisle's 'diet plan', but he is never one to refuse a fight and avoid kicking evil vampire butt.

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Twilight - Eternity

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Alea Iacta Est

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Dr Carlisle Cullen
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