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As many vampires I am characterized with having inhuman beauty, pale skin, and golden eyes which may shift to darker tones if I don’t satiate my blood thirst. Distinctive features that separate me from the rest are my petite figure, being 4’10” and my short, spiky, black hair. Having premonitions is my talent though the outcome is bound to change when and if a different decision is made. Also, I am limited to seeing into human and vampire’s futures only; if werewolves happen to be involved there's no telling what will happen.

My human life is an isolated room in my mind as I have no recollection of thoughts about it. It has been through research I have uncovered many truths about my past. I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1901. I was held in a mental asylum for having the gift of premonition. It was in this asylum a vampire working there was forced to change me to a vampire in order to protect me from James, a vicious vampire. James ended up killing the vampire who saved me.

 2cgzqj5.png After venturing for a few decades in search of the one person constantly reappearing in my visions from the moment I turned into a vampire it was in 1948 that my quest ended when I found Jasper Whitlock (or Jasper Hale) in a diner located in Philadelphia. It was then that my premonitions guided Jasper and I to the Cullen family which we soon became part of. Jasper and I were married in 1950.

We are currently settled in Forks, Washington where Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, Jasper, and I attend Forks High School. Carlisle, our 'adoptive father' in our cover story, works as a doctor at Forks Community Hospital while Esme, our 'adoptive mother' stays at home, a residence secluded from locals ever really visiting. If they actually come we have the place propped up quite nicely, I might say. Edward gifted me with the car of my dreams, that gorgeous yellow 911 Porsche.

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