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   Their [the Camarilla's] overwhelming ideal of "for the good of Kindred" leads them to sweep you along with their plans, and if you don' t want to go, then you must be the enemy. There's a reason why we prefer to stay on our own side of the street. - Ambrogino Giovanni

Who am I?

I'm the Overlord of the Underworld; I'm darkside royalty; I'm far renownd in the underground and they can't take that from me1.

That is an interesting question, and one that deserves some serious thought and not the mere navel gazing that some would indulge in when answering such a question.

Let me see.

I have been called Ambrogino Giovanni. By my parents, of course, and through extension, my family.

I have been called an arrogant bastard, again by my parents and family, in addition to friends, acquaintances, enemies, and meals.

I have been called any number of synonyms for the Devil himself, and while flattered, I do hope to aspire to more than that sad gentleman has achieved.

I have been called a victor by my conquests and associates.

I have been called insufferable by my conquests and associates.

I have been called brilliant, mad, visionary, unbalanced, egotistical, and deranged. See the above for those who have called me such.

Yet, none of those things truly address who I am.

I shall tell you who I am, if you will allow me the conceit to paraphrase an august voice which thundered across the skies and set time in motion - if such tales are to be believed.

Simply, and plainly, put...

I am who I am.

Writer's notes:

1. With apologies to Voltaire.

2. I am not Ambrogino Giovanni. He is a character created by White Wolf games for the Vampire Chronicles, who allow humble players such as I to bring him to life in games.

3. Nor do I, sadly, have any claims to Rufus Sewell, no matter how much I wish it to be so. I just use his image for Ambrogino.

My Novels:

Zone : Horror
The Giovanni Chronicles - Out of Print
The Midnight People
Writer's Muses
Carpe Noctem
Zone : Fantasy
Imps of Ink
World Under Siege

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Creatures of Darkness
The Midnight Society

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Ca Giovanni

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Isabel Giovanni
Mistress Gwynne
The Librarian
Roberto Giovanni
Amarante LeGarde
Comte Sebastien G de Rochefort

My Favorites:

The Giovanni Chronicles - Out of Print
Carpe Noctem
Seven Deadly Sins - Out of Print
Unveil Your Adventure
Acquisition Run - Out of Print
Zone : Horror

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An intriguing and inspiring character in a beautifully descriptive post!
Feb 01, 2012 04:45 pm
Hauntingly lyrical and erotic.
Oct 15, 2009 05:10 pm
Most Machiavellian Character Introductions
Jan 2009

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