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   "No other beings have as great an understanding of Death as we do. There is no great mystery, no facet of existence that affects every moment more than the fact that existence always ends. To understand this fully would render one omniscient."

It would seem that Isabel's tale mirrors the Giovanni family history with unpleasant accuracy. From an early age, Isabel found herself immersed in the loathsome subculture of the clan. Even as a mortal, Isabel learned the hideous secrets of her family - and even took to them in some cases. As her morality rotted, her power rose, and by the time she had borne her brother's child, she had earned the attention of the Kindred elders of the Giovanni.

In her early 20s, Isabel became a ghoul and tasted the power that the vitae of the Damned provided. Such times were not particularly enlightened, however, especially in rural Italy and with regard to women. As such, it took over two decades for Isabel to convince her domitor that she was ready for the Embrace. Indeed, among the Giovanni such things aren't often petitioned by would-be childer, but rather decided by approving elders. Noting Isabel's skill with the Black Art as well as her knack at diplomacy, the anziani elders allowed one of the Giovanni Kindred to bring Isabel into damnation.

Since her Embrace, Isabel has been a mouthpiece for the clan, and again reflects the air of mystery and suspicion with which outsiders view the Necromancers. Rumors and exaggerated depravities travel in her wake - it is said that she can feed only from the severed heads of her vessels, that she has sexual relations with those from whom she feeds, that she keeps a host of captured ghosts bound to her own dead heart and that her bite carries the Black Plague or a more modern medical scourge.

Amid these tales, Isabel simply smiles and goes about her business. In many cases, such a reputation serves her well, as diplomacy comes more easily to those already feared. Isabel now answers directly to a group of elders, working as a liaison between Giovanni and the outside world. It is a thankless role, to be sure, and one fraught with peril, but Isabel's strong will and sense of duty to the family keep the Giovanni interests close to her heart. She maintains a comfortable unlife, even in these modern nights, and considers her various tasks and treaties to be a part of what helps her make that possible.

I am not Isabel Giovanni nor Isabelle Adjani. This is a role-playing and fiction writing journal for several creative writing communities. I do not own Isabel Giovanni nor do I make any profit from this journal. No harm or copyright infringement is intended.

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Great atmosphere
Nov 17, 2012 06:31 am
Sensual and intriguing! MORE!
Feb 19, 2012 10:01 am
A wonderful attention to detail & use of current political issues in a post! Brava!
Jan 25, 2012 08:49 am
Great drama
Dec 01, 2011 02:21 am
Eerie and Atmospheric
Aug 26, 2011 02:13 am

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