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Nedjeh is a 27 year old former Nubian prince, turned rebel leader for freedom and independence of his homeland, and the end of domination of Kemet in Nubia. His father, the King of Kush, had been killed during the great war in the beginning of the reign of Djehutymes Aacheperkara, and their land was forfeit to the enemy, reducing the Royal Family of Kush to mere tribe chiefs. Nubia is still licking its wounds and for now his army is too small, untrained and insufficiently armed to make a difference. He feels betrayed by the Medjay of Wawat, who had chosen the side of Kemet in the war, but he knows he needs them, their resources, weapons and riches, on his side to win the fight for freedom in a second war. Unless he can come up with a more creative solution...

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Twisted Fate - Out of Print

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