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Dez's House Hippo Farm

A rather small hippo that grows only 6 inches tall.They live in your home. In closets,under beds,and under dressers. They nest with bits of fluff ,old socks and other small bitsy stuff. They come out only at night,foraging for food. House hippos only eat crumbs,bits of crackers, chips and bread, Their fav being peanut butter.They even like to play in it just like mud. Always remember to name them.

I just had 5 sows give birth and 20 teenagers ready to go.I hope everyone that receives one as a gift treats them with love and kindness.

insert your text here. Early Discoveries STN Novel. Shifting Tides Novel. Egyptian Fish Bowl. Amuns Oasis. Dez's Hippo Farm. BullsEye.

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Pan Historia Junction
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The Horus Road

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