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Vashana Cork, formerly known as Vashana Louise de Crèvecoeur was born in July 5th 1947. She comes from a French middle-class family. Her father, Matthias de Crèvecoeur was one of the most respected doctors of his time being highly educated and naturally gifted in the profession. Vashana was raised by her older sister, Annabella due to their mother’s death who died in childbirth. When Vashana turned 16, Matthias sent her off to boarding school in England, he very much wished getting rid of her, Vashana only reminded him of his deceased wife.

During her years at boarding school she was raped by the school janitor, after it came to the headmistress’ attention she was locked away in the basement to relieve the school from losing its reputation. During the next two years she suffered from malnutrition and was exposed to many diseases. It was then she was taken away from such catastrophic conditions by Henry Cork whom had replaced the previous janitor. He took her to America, after roaming states in the hopes of finding the right one, they settled in Washington, Forks where he concluded the only way to save her was turning her into a vampire and so she was back to normal...not quite.

Although Henry is aware of her past, Vashana has no recollection of it as an effect from the transformation and she isn't interested in knowing anything about it. She has the ability to blend well in crowds, due to the blue color of her eyes and disguises vampire's stench to werewolves, she doesn't stink to werewolves so she can easily confuse them with it, although her appearance proves otherwise. Henry stills struggle in teaching Vashana the ‘vegetarian’ ways, as he learnt from the Delani. Due to their good character, they have managed befriending the Quileutes.

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