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Full Name: Javert Marius D'Alembert

Occupation: Art dealer, owner of D'Alembert Artworks and Antiquities

Birth Date: 12 July, 2653

Birth Place: D'Alembert Vineyard, outside Heinlein City, ACB

Age: 47

Race: Caucasian

Hair Color/Style: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Tone: Beach tan

Scars: No

Build/Body Type: Fit, solid, just shy of stocky

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 170

Background: Though Javert owns stock in D'Alembert Vineyards, he is content to leave the control and management of it to his siblings--his older twin, Valjean, and their younger sister, Anna-Michelle. Javert is a self-employed art dealer, and runs D'Alembert Artworks and Antiquities. He is gone from ACB more often than not, but it is home, and he stays at the Vineyard when he's there. He is foster uncle to Elek Madarasz, and is quite fond of his nephew. He usually brings him an exotic trinket or two from the worlds he visits.

My Novels:

Spiral Galaxy
Interstellar Geographic

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Greybourne Tavern
The Writers Den

My Friends:

Tayven Steele
Valjean Michel DAlembert
Michel Etienne D Alembert
AnnaMichelle DAlembert
Javert Marius DAlembert
Lyndsey Soloman

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