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I hope you are not in a hurry. My story is, by its very nature, a long one.

I was born in London on the 18th of February, 1640. I was the first--and only--child of Abraham and Margaret Cullen. My mother perished in childbirth and so I was raised entirely by my father. A zealous Anglican preacher, he led raids and hunts for witches and demons of various kinds, more often than not mistaking innocent people for monsters. I didn't share his particular brand of faith, but I was an obedient son and when he became too old to lead the raids himself, I reluctantly followed in his footsteps. Through careful research I managed to discover a group of real monsters--vampires, although the word would not exist in English until 1730--living under the city. I was 23 the night I rallied a few other men and set out to hunt the creatures.

By all rights, he should have outran us. I can only guess that he was particularly thirsty and chose to attack instead. I caught up to him first, and he left me bitten and bleeding in the street when he became distracted by the arrival of the other men. I watched in helpless horror as he killed two of my companions and took off with the third. It was then instinctual self-preservation kicked in; knowing that my father would burn me alive if he found me bitten, I went into hiding and suffered three days of agonizing pain in silence. But I didn't die of my wounds, and when the pain finally ceased it didn't take me long to realize what fate had befallen me: I had become a vampire myself.

I was horrified, disgusted. Repulsed. I lost count of how many ways I tried to destroy myself, not wishing to live as a monster, to prey on the people who had been my friends and neighbors. Although I craved blood like any vampire, I stayed away from human populations in a desperate attempt to starve myself to death when no other method of suicide worked. Until one night, ravenous and weak, I couldn't take the burning thirst any longer and attacked the first living thing I came across. Thankfully my victims were not people, but a passing herd of deer. The animals' blood brought not only relief, but also an epiphany: I may have become a vampire, but I didn't have to be a monster. I vowed to abstain completely from human blood and only feed from animals. To this day, I have never killed a human being.

Eventually I left England for the continent and spent some time in the 1700s living with the Volturi in Italy, befriending the leaders Aro, Marcus and Caius. The vampire world's closest thing to royalty and great patrons of the arts, I found them to be much more refined and civilized than the wild vampires I had known previously, although they still unfortunately persisted in preying on humans. I tried to persuade them to adopt my philosophy; they tried to 'cure' me of my 'aversion' to what they callously deemed our natural food source. We agreed to disagree and parted ways, although Aro still counts me among his closest friends.

I filled my unlimited time with study; first music and science, and then I discovered my true calling: medicine. After years and years of torturous effort, I managed to desensitize myself to the temptation of human blood. I can happily say it no longer has any real effect on me, and this allows me to work as a doctor and pose no threat to my patients. Eventually I moved to America and threw myself into my work. It allowed me to do some good and gave my existence meaning, but I remained lonely. There was no one who could really know me; given my eternally youthful appearance, I could not stay in one place long, I could not grow attached.

I had been wrestling with the idea of creating a companion for some time when, in 1918, a dying mother begged me to save her son. The Spanish influenza epidemic was raging and her teenage son, Edward, was fading fast. His mother somehow guessed I had a power over death beyond my medical training. It was a tremendously difficult decision to make, but I rationalized that I was not doing to him what was done to me; whereas I had my life stolen from me, Edward's life was over. I changed him into vampire, and he became the first member of my coven, a son and a prot�g�.

In 1921 I found a young woman in the morgue who was not quite dead. I recognized her as Esme Platt, a girl I had treated some ten years before for a broken leg. I remembered her with great affection; she had been so carefree and full of life then and the very sort of girl I would have wanted for a wife had I been human. It broke my heart to see the sad turn her young life had taken. I couldn't bear to let her die, and so I saved her by transforming her into a vampire. Esme remembered me as well--fondly, as it turned out--and we soon fell in love. She has not only beauty, but the capacity to love with more depth and sincerity than I had ever seen in my almost four hundred years. She became my wife, and she accepted Edward as a son with open, loving arms, turning our little coven into a real family.

Rosalie joined us in 1933. A girl of unspeakable beauty, I found her beaten and left for dead in the streets of Rochester, NY. At first I tried to save her by medical means, but I knew she was too far gone and I had only one other option. I had hoped she and Edward would find happiness together--as I had with Esme--but they saw each other only as siblings. It was Rosalie herself who brought Emmett to us in 1935. She found him while out hunting; the poor boy had been fatally mauled by a bear. I was reluctant to change him at first, but Rosalie was insistent and in the end I couldn't deny her. It worked out splendidly: Rosalie found a mate, Emmett didn't seem to mind at all, and his strength and humor were a welcome addition to the family.

In the 1950's, Alice and Jasper found us. Alice had seen me in a vision and sought us out, greeting us all by name upon our first meeting. As it turns out, Alice has the ability to see the future, and Jasper brought with him the ability to sense and manipulate emotions. Alice was changed sometime around 1920, and remembers nothing of her human past. Jasper is the second eldest in the family, chronologically speaking, after myself, having served in the Confederate Army during the civil war. Alice threw herself into family life with her special brand of optimistic enthusiasm, while Jasper has remained somewhat guarded.

The entire family adheres to my 'vegetarian' philosophy and abstains from drinking human blood, although over our years together there have been the occasional, regretful slip-ups. These days Esme and I pose as the youthful adoptive parents of a gaggle of teenagers, and generally people seem to believe the story. Two years ago we returned to the Forks, WA area where many years before I had made a treaty with a local native tribe. I presently work as a doctor at the Forks Community Hospital and the 'children' attend the local high school in an effort to keep up appearances. Although I still worry about whether or not it was right to create others of my kind, on the whole I believe I have done the best I could with what I had to work with.

I can only hope that counts for something.

Carlisle is unfortunately the property of Stephenie Meyer. I'm just borrowing him.
Images belong to Summit Entertainment and The BBC. No copyright infringement intended.

Please do not send the Volturi after me.

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