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My name is Adriene and ever since I can remember I have been raised by the priestesses of the Order of Themis on the plane of Camenae. The world is much like earth, except it is covered mostly in water. Small continents still exist, and the rest are various sized islands. The Order of Themis is housed in a Monastery carved into the side of a Mountain below the village of Brimlad. I am fond of the the beautiful beaches and calm waves of the sea, hence my affinity for the Goddess Brigit. The priestesses of Themis are taught to meditate, heal, and defend themselves. The culture of Camenae is very much influenced by the Eastern way.

I am what many would consider a loner, preferring to read and do other solitary tasks to being in the company of others. The only person I confide in is Lady Yvaine, High Priestess of Themis. While I enjoy my quiet life trouble is brewing on Camenae. As Yvaine shows me an ancient sword we find an intruder who later escapes. Unnerved, Yvaine sends me away quickly with the sword. Soon after I learn about the Veil and the Golden Goddesses.

That is me and the owner of Rive's Tavern. It is there that I fled after a stranger attacked our Monestary. I was supposed to meet someone there who was to guide me on a journey to keep the Sword of Courage safe. Well, I found him and I still regret ever walking into Rive's. The old man didn't even introduce himself but quickly made it clear that I was not who he was expecting to be choosen as a Guardian. He taught me how to travel through the Veil and we went to Yabraxis to meet with the High Priestess of the Order of Arinna.

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Twilight - Eternity
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