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My name is Rosalie Lillian Hale, I was born in Rochester New York in 1915. When I was born I was the most beautiful baby and my beauty only improved as the years went on. I had two younger brothers, a mother who was a homemaker and a father, who worked at the bank.

One day my mother dressed me up in one of my finest dresses and sent me to the bank to bring my father his lunch. She hoped I would grab the attention of the bank owner's son and I did. Short time later we were engaged, my family was of course pleased as was I but I didn't love him.

I decided to visit a good friend of mine and her family one evening and stayed later thank I should have. On my walk home I ran into my fiancee and his friends, they were intoxicated. He had bragged to them how beautiful I was and they beat me then left me for dead in the street. That's when Carlisle saved me, he made me a vampire. Once I was strong enough I killed them all, you don't need to know the details that's not important.

I've been with Carlisle ever since and I have no intention of leaving them ever.

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Best Unhappy Ending
May 01, 2010 12:30 pm

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