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Hello everyone! Welcome to my home page.

My name is Michael Christopher Newton but Iím known by Mike Newton. Iím 17 years old and I live in Forks, Washington.

My parents are the owners of a sport store called ďThe Newton OutfittersĒ. To run such a store you have to like sports and thatís what my family is all about. My father Alan, was an athlete during his High School days and my mother Karen was a cheerleader. They married and had two children me, and my 8 year old sister Olivia.

Not to run the rule, Iím an athlete too. I play basketball on the school team. We are known as The Spartans. Go Spartans! Iíve got washed out blue eyes and pale blonde hair. My height is 5í11. I have a cute, baby-face and gelled hair in spikes.

Iím very popular at school. Girls are all after me and people always look forward to sat at my table at lunch and be my friends. I got a lot of friends but the ones that are closer to me are Jessica Stanley, Eric Yorkie, Angela Webber, Tyler Crowley, Rebecka and Rachelle Surman, among others. So many friends huh? I told you I was popular.

Iím an average student. My favorite subject is of course Physical Education and recently I found that English is interesting too. You can thank Mr. Anderson for that.

In my free times, when Iím not working at my parents store, I like to play basketball (obviously), hanging out with my friends and do surf trips to LaPush.

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Ashling: Sparrow's Hideout
Alea Iacta Est

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Isabella Swan
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