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   I am M. Couteau's writing partner. Not the same writer.

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Born in France, Mlle Couteau's family fled France in 1790 after the French Revolution. In 1792, they settled in Bath, Somerset and opened a small dressmaker's shop, building it up into the fashionable shop it is today. Currently it is being run by Mlle Leandra Couteau, while her brothers are at war fighting in the King's army against Napoleon.

Leandra has never married and devotes herself entirely to the family business. She thinks love and all that nonsense is for the younger girls. If she marries it will be for a good income (and by that she means one to rival her own assets), a good name, and a good home. She had a great love in her past, but does not speak of it.

Her shop is a gathering place for young ladies and a great location to pass on information. Somehow she is able to get fabrics, laces, and other adornments from the Continent when others are not. She claims she merely anticipated and held some quantity in reserve.

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