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Greetings, and welcome to my homestead...

I'm re-vamping my pages -- the Legacy novel mentioned below is PRE-Phoenix, and wasn't re-instated after the Rise Back Up. It was an alternative history novel: What If all those hypotheses for the settlement of the New World (in addition to the Natives) really was true, and Columbus, if he ever came here at all, came to an established thriving sets of societies everyone really did already know about? What if smallpox hadn't decimated the Native population, and some sort of uneasy truce had been possible?

In the Seldom a Single Wave Novel:

In the era of Lief Erickson, Freydis journeys to the New World. More to be decided!!!

In the Legacy Novel:

Freydis is a direct descendant of Thorfinn Karlsevni as well as Lief Erickson -- the former the leader of the first permanent Norse settlement in the New World. She is at home at sea and on land, but has currently settled down just outside of the community of the largely-Celtic New Albanny. She's a trader.

She's feisty, and although outwardly she has settled in nicely, she still craves adventure. At least, until it comes calling...

Freydis runs the Legacy novel, so if you have any questions, please leave them here at my home.)

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