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I'm Anne Boleyn second wife of Henry 8th i start the Church of England but my sucess of winning Henry's heart and being his lawful Queen were short for i could not have a male heir to give him. But i did give him a strong minded daughter Elizabeth 1st i had her in 1533 but 3 years later i was beheaded for adultery, incest and high treason. But my real crime was miscarring a boy in 1536. This is me and my daughter Elizabeth she had this locket ring made of us so we may be with each other all the time WHAT IF STORY Anne successfully gave birth to twins in September one a boy the longed male heir Edward and another Elizabeth now that she has managed to get a son will she be able to get rid of Catherine's Daughter Mary who trying to steal the throne.

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Zone : History
The Lion's Den

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Gaia's Daughters
Tudor Rose

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Princess Nebetah
Major Samantha Carter
Anne Boleyn
Damiana Manrique de Lara
Lady Jane Seymour

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Amarna - Out of Print
The Romanovs - One Last Dance
The Lion's Den
Vices and Virtues - Out of Print
Seven Deadly Sins - Out of Print
The New Kingdom - Out of Cookies
Twilight - Eternity

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