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John Clum with Apaches 1874

Welcome to the Tombstone home of John P. Clum. I'm the editor of The Epitaph newspaper here in Tombstone, and I have the honor to serve as Mayor to the town. I'm also founder of the Law & Order League of Tombstone. I'm a staunch Republican and believe that we can make Tombstone a great city one day.

My past life I graduated from Rutgers where I played collegiate football. I was in the very first college football game every played in the United States of America. I established the first weather station in New Mexico in 1871. I also started a private school in Santa Fe. Then in 1873 I was offered the position of Indian Agent at the San Carlos Indian Reservation in Southern Arizona. I am strongly committed to self-determination and so I organized a tribal court, tribal police force, and taught the Apaches to farm and ranch.

Using my knowledge of history and not a little bravado I was able to effect the arrest of Geronimo and his little band of renegades in 1876. I was the only man to ever capture Geronimo in the field. However by 1877 I was disillusioned with the governmentís treatment of the Apache and I resigned from the service. I remained an advocate for Indian rights until my death.

Thatís when I came to Tombstone Ė attracted to the adventure of a booming silver camp and all that entails. I became editor of the Epitaph and then was the first elected Mayor of the town. Iím a firm friend to the Earps and remained so to the very end. Thatís a picture of me with Wyatt Earp in Alaska in 1900 up there over our heads. The other fellow is Ed Englestadt on the left. Iím on the right.

For those curious about such things I stayed in Tombstone long after the street fight that put an end to the Earpís sojourn in our silver camp but finally left when the water started filling the mines. I became a Postal Inspector in 1891 and then 1898 I went to Alaska to organize the Territorial Postal Service. I retired in 1910 and lived in Los Angeles. I died in 1932.

Tombstone Featured Character at Pan Historia where we don't just write the stories, we live the stories

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