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In 'Planeshift'

Name: Petronilla (Petra) Lyon
Age: 17
Race/Species: Human
Plane of Origin: Norringrad
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’7”
Build: Slim

Defining Characteristics: Bratty and self-centred, Petra was always a contrary child. But what could be tolerated in a little girl is less becoming on a young lady, especially one who has reached marriageable age. Petra has a habit of truancy which has lasted from her childhood, and her guardians find it difficult to curb it at her age.

Allegiances (if any): To herself...most certainly not to her family.

Veil Sensitivity: Unknown.

Brief History: Petronilla Octavia is the eldest of the two daughters of Mr. Eldon Lyon, and heiress to his business. The Lyons came relatively new to their fortune, having risen from their humble blacksmith origins only a century or so ago. Petra’s grandfather, Gideon Lyon, came into a small fortune by chance and used it to buy an old arms factory. His entrepreneurial spirit saw the business expand its size and profits substantially, and he left his heir a considerable fortune and a growing empire of weapons and armour manufacture. His son built on his father’s enterprises, growing to supply the Legion itself. Mr. Lyon also expanded the business into the lucrative commercial market, supplying consumers with iron and alloy products. In short, the family grew rich in a relatively short space of time.

Petra was born into this lucrative empire. Her disdain for authority stems from a restricted childhood, overseen by her overbearing mother. Petra clings to the vestiges of girlhood by continuing her ritualised truancy from lessons and social engagements. Usually, this means going outside unaccompanied, but there have been times when she hid in her father’s extensive library. The library (as long as her father is not in it) is something of a safe haven for Petra.

She’d rather you call her by her shortened name than her full: Petronilla just sounds so antique.

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Best Truant Rich Girl in Norringrad
August 2008

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