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My past. I do not wish to speak of it. It is painful; therefore I do not think on it.

I am a wanderer. Oh, and a survivor. One does what one must to survive, especially when one is a woman alone. I have done many things and been many things, but I have survived. It has not been always easy, nor has it always been difficult.

There have been times when men have found me attractive. Some would have made me wife, but something within me rebelled, and so I moved on. And so I moved, from town to town, enjoying the newness and challenge until something within me, an urge if you will, called me to move on, a quest to seek other places, perhaps even , and new exciting challenges... and so I go, ever onward, ever westward, to meet my present as well as my future. I keep trying to find that one place to settle down, to finally sink my roots, but so far, it has not happened.



or was...


Deadwood at Pan Historia

Plaque for contributing to the cause of saving the horses

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The Pan Millionaire's Club
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Wild West

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Wyatt Earp
Bayley Aylesford
Malachi Slade

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Beyond The Stars - Out of Print
Romance Poetry - Out of Print
A Winters Tale
Seven Deadly Sins - Out of Print

Zone : Action
The Relic Hunters

Torchwood - Out of Print
Alien - Hive
Wild As The West Texas Wind - Out of Print
Outlanders - Out of Print
Slave to the Hunger - Out of Print
Fear and Apathy in Pinewood Valley
Smugglers Moon
Little Pink Houses - Out of Print
Barbary Coast - Out of Print
Apartment Living - Out of Print
Acquisition Run - Out of Print

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