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The power of IVY to cling and bind makes it a potent symbol of determination and strength. IVY can strangle trees and is a portent of death and spiritual growth in the Celtic realm. IVY people are restless, sociable and good-natured most of the time. Although often indecisive, they are not weak-wiled and tackle difficult tasks with infectious optimism.

--In Planet of The Apes--

Having been around various species of apes from early childhood along side her parents in the labs, she learned to understand them, and even after the start of the Human-Ape conflict, she remains sympathetic to their plight in many ways. Torn between killing and living side-by-side with apes, Ivy is still on the side of Man and the survival of the Human race.

--In The Cosmos Scheme--

Ivy McBride, ex-Marine was content to be part of the Accolade's Security Team. Not quite so glamorous, not as dangerous, but it meant she'd stay on the ship and not get dropped like dead weight on some remote planet in the middle of the next galaxy babysitting some water-farm colony.

Security had its perks....

- In The Bitter Sky Novel -

2018 had been Ivy’s year. She’d moved up fast in the RAF ranks, making Flight Lieutenant at 23, the youngest woman to achieve the commission at the time. Her assignment aboard the Chinook HC2 Cargo Chopper had been a dream come true, hooking up with a great flight crew. She had high goals, aiming at Wing Commander in 5, maybe 6 years. But all that was gone. The dream was gone. The Collapse had seen to that.

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The Okee Dokee Corral
The Cosmos Scheme - Out of Print
Planet of the Apes
StarGate SG-1 - Out of Print
Zone : Science Fiction
The Bitter Sky

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The Midnight People - Out of Print

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