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My past is shrouded in mystery, and I like it that way.

My name is derived from an old Phoenician word for Tanith. The meaning?? *looks very mysterious* Oh, it means 'serpent lady'. Tanith is the name of the Phoenician goddess of love, fertility, the moon and the stars. I can't imagine why someone would name a child such a name, but one must accept what name they are born with, don't they?. Then again, maybe not...

But then again, Isis is often associated with snakes in one way or another. Makes one wonder if perhaps...

What first drew me to Isis is that she represents 'every woman', women at all stages of life, not only what they should be, but what they could be, as well. I suppose some might not think me very spiritual, but I have never felt it necessary to flaunt how I personally believe or worship. For one thing, it serves no purpose, and for another, it could very well get one killed. However, if the time came for me to take a stand, I would do so.

What most people do not know is that I am vamp, sired by some long ago hot blooded Phoenician. His name? I no longer remember, or is it that I don't care to remember. I hated this life at first, but soon grew to embrace it whole heartedly. I have sired many of my kind over the centuries. Not so many at first, but over time, I realized what a valuable commodity that they could be. Such chaos and wild times back when we ruled. Not ruled by others, our every action dictated and watched over by the Senate. Not that it doesn't have its uses at times, but I long for those wild free days when we were out in the open and the silly humans feared us. They still fear us, if they have any sense at all, but we hide what we are, living our lives, our many lives, but I tire of having to constantly reinvent myself, but it is an interesting life. Some might even say a rewarding life, if you know how to work the system.

Badge Designed by Candice

Tanis---A woman of mystery. Venice is her home for the past few years, and yet she has traveled extensively over the known world. Where she came from is anybody's guess but she knows all the right people and has the right connections to fit into the exclusive society of 1508.

Though she is alone, she always seems to be escorted by some gentleman or another. Is she a courtesan, or simply a noble woman? No body really knows.

~~~There are rumors, you say, that I am more than I seem? Oh, but am I not intriguing enough on my own, my wares exotic enough without having to be more? I will admit to being the lover of Caesare Borgia, but then who hasn't? *shrugs shoulder daintily* There have also been rumors that I have been a spy; I just laugh in their faces. Me a spy?

As to the truth of such rumors, I do not deign to answer them; as to their veracity, I really could not say. Perhaps it is so, but then again, perhaps it is not. There are also rumors that I am looking for another lover, a rich powerful man. I do like power. Still, only rumors. Just rumors. Then again, I may already have found that powerful rich man.

You may well wonder, but you will accept me at face value. I wonder, is that wise? It is to our advantage, to be sure but, are we really what we seem to be?

Well, well...seems I have earned the honor of winning the 'First Sinner of the Month" award, which includes a plaque and a tiara. Hmmm, wonder if I get chocolates too? Pretty cool, when you think about it. *wink*

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