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I Do Not Want You to Ever Forget Me

I do not want to make love to you on starched hotel sheets
Nor eat raw meat off of fine white linens in the restaurant
I do not want you to say how pleasant I was
Nor how well my shoes matched my dress
I do not want to be a picture in a glossy magazine

I want to make love to you with panic in the backseat
Eat greasy cheeseburgers with fries saturated in salt
I want to hear how like an animal I was
How you pulled twigs from my hair
How you will never forget the way I prayed beneath you

I do not want you to ever forget me

Skyclad Niall

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Awoserra Aqenenra Apepa

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The best story I have read in a long time. Gently told which makes it tremendous!
Apr 06, 2018 05:36 am

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