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Hello there… My name is Genevieve Blake and I you know I hate making introductions because I never know what to say…isn’t that silly? You’d think after a private education and a finishing school in Europe I’d be able to make a decent account of myself by now…oh well…

What can I tell you…well I’m 5.10ft, slim built and I have gold-blond hair that hits just over my shoulders and rich blue eyes. I was once told by some silly chap they’re the colour of forget-me-nots…isn’t that sweet? Lucky for me I’m not some dumb blond who falls for lines like that…

What else…oh yes, I recently lost my father in a tragic car accident…it was terrible. The Bentley was almost beyond repair. Luckily it was only almost, and well…these old cars can be so temperamental if they’re not maintained properly…but any way; there was an inquest of course and some ever so nice but far too nosey police man was buzzing around the old home seemed to think I might have had a hand in it!

Honestly…just because daddy’s sad passing left me absurdly wealthy…some people get the strangest ideas…personally I think the chauffeur had something to do with it but it seems he was so upset by the whole affair that he committed suicide. Oh well…it's sad but a girl does have to get on with life after all…

So now that’s exactly what I’m doing just getting on with life, trying to have fun and of course being with that special someone...all my roses are from him...*smiles softly*

My only love and fire...sweetest heart of Julian...

I burn for him alone...

(From my only love, my Julian...)

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