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Christelle Elise Devereux

Cold:A Twisted Mind thread

Christelle is 26 years old, shes a criminal psychologist for the FBI, shes apart of the BAU(Behavioral Analysis Unit) she is smart and very logical. Chris sees things in her line of work that no one should ever be subjected to. She's good at her job and is very dedicated.

Christelle's family is far less than perfect, her mother was killed by her father when she was 18, so she promptly moved out taking her 8 year old sister, Abagail, with her and never looked back. The two girls are close and neither speak to their father anymore although he tried to reconnect with them. He has threatened to take Chris to court for custody but she knows its an empty threat he would never win, and she would never let him have her.

Chris is possessive and protective of those she cares about, she's incredibly calm and never lets her emotions show. She's always polite with exceptions to murderers who she treats with no more care a person would a fly hovering their food, she hates them all of them. They are the reason she does the job to stop someone else from dying.


Christelle is a fifth year Falconaire, she has been attending Beauxbatons since her first year and enjoys it. Most of the time Chris is studying or writing whatever she feels like writing at the time. She pays attention to her classmates often learning gossip before anyone else. Her normally quiet demeanor helps her blend in and people really don't bother with her to much.

Christelle's family is quite normal and she finds them utterly annoying and endearing. Her mother is happily a homemaker while her father works for the ministry in the research department. She has one older brother who is a muggle and a younger brother who is a wizard. Her eldest brother is a prankster who she is extremely close to and her baby brother is quiet much like her and who she is fiercely protective of is looking forward to attending Beauxbatons with his sister next year.

Christelle truly loves her family even though sometimes they can drive her crazy. Both of her parents fully support her and her brothers give her a hard time but she is very protective of them. Chris is looking forward to graduating Beauxbatons and becoming a journalist or fiction writer for both the muggle and wizarding world alike.

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