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Welcome to Pyewacket's!

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Nice of you to drop by. Gotta warn ya, though, this is a pretty busy time of year for me. Not that I'm complaining, but you know how these humans are... just can't stay away from all the holiday nonsense. I mean, the things I've had to put up with!

*Big Luxurious Stretch* Well enough of that. Come on in and I'll introduce ya around. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot! We don't hold much with formality here, so if you're in the mood for a little Halloween music, just give any of our pics a click.

Vee This here is Cressida. When folks come calling, she pretends to own me. *rolling my eyes* I mean who does she think she's kidding here? Everyone knows that its the cats who own the humans. A sorry job it is trying to train them, too! At least I've finally gotten Cress to the point where she cooks me delectable meals and serves me properly. No more of that disgusting Meow Mix!!!

I mean you wouldn't believe what I had to go through just to get a decent bit of food. The haughty sniffing, the disdainful looks, the pitiful, hungry mews. Why, I tell you, I lost pounds... absolutely POUNDS... before I finally broke her down. Worth it though... *heheheheheh*

child Now this little mite is one of Ariel and Okeanos' kids. You know... the Mr. and Mrs. God people from Battlestar Galactica. They've got another six of these rugrats tucked away somewhere. I don't recall this one's name, but she's a cute moppet. Although, looking at this now, I admit I must have gone really soft to allow her to put a ribbon on me ... and then pose me for a postcard!

Sheesh! The things I do for these humans! *mrrrrrrowwww*

I guess by now you've figured out that I hang on the The Arcadia. Interesting place, the Arcadia. Good eats, and the company's fair. With one big exception, of course. Tiny... that 250 pound wolfhound of Bulbul's. Take a look at his nose, though. Got him good when he tried to make me his personal Happy Meal! *smug*

Whoa! Looks like you've met Gaius Baltar. Okay, okay... I know it's a weird name, but no weirder than HE is. Trust me. This is one strange Dude! But, Cress seems to think he does an okay job as a glass collector at the Cloud Nine. Dire and dark things happen when Gaius is around. There's something about him that gives me the willies, especially when he does that bat routine. Makes my fur stand on end! *shudder*

Awwww, Cresssssssssss!!! Noooo!!! *cringe* Not with the bow again?

Do I HAVE to? *whine*

I HATE posing for these cutsie pics. Like, okay, I know it's Halloween, but I DO have my pride. *sulk*

All right, just for you, Cress. I'll be a good kitty and play my part tonight.

But, it's gonna COST ya, ya know?

Look at this mess. Can you believe how Cress has me decked out? Now she's gonna want me to slink around and rub up against her legs. Gonna try to make a Familiar out of me. Why there was a time when I wouldn't have put up with this human frivolity. I woulda scooched under the nearest bed and flayed any hand that tried to touch me! I woulda hissed... I woulda snarled... I woulda scratched. Now look at me. The very picture of domesticity. A wussy furball. *sigh*

Oooooh! What's that? The doorbell? Time for a little fun! *heheheheheh*

Come right on in, darling children. *fawning*

Let me get a good look at you! Oh, my, what precious costumes. Except for that green guy back there. Hey! are you sure that's a costume?

*scratching gently at the scales on the monster's leg* Hmmmm.... that's funny, I can't seem to draw any blood here, unless... um... do you suppose this green sticky stuff is blood...

But that would mean.... *gulp*


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Witchy Woman
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Tocatta and Fugue
Theme from the Addams Family
Theme from Beetlejuice

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