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Serenity In Soft Embrace

"Come with me," he whispered
And took my hand
And off we went
Sailing in a ship of dreams
Upon a shining sea of stars
That seemed to flow forever
Between the now and then

"I love you," he said tenderly
And took my heart
And off we went
To the breathless laughing shores
And singing sands of soft content
Sharing sips of wonderment
Between the now and then

"I need you," he said softly
And took my soul
And off we went
Into the gleaming halls of light
Blinding sight and blunting sense
Breath catching on the brilliance
Between the now and then

"I'll miss you," I said gently
And touched his face
And off he went
To wait for me in patient pose
On shining shores I cannot share
Serenity in soft embrace
Beyond the now and then

Poet of the Month, Tenth Muse, June 2008

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