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Manius Sempronia Gemellus was the son of one of the greatest men of Rome at the time. His father Publius Sempronia Parthicus was a general and Senator of Rome who was stationed in Parthia with his Legion. Because of this Manius was treated very well by the Emperor and though he was not yet a member of the Senate was made the Dux of the Sixth and Fifteenth Legion. These two Legions would be sent north by sea to Narbon in hopes of discovering the reason why the trade had ceased in the area and why no reports had been made. They were also there to help feed and pay the current men in the region. Seeing this as the perfect oppertunity to show his greatness and step out of his father's shadow he prepared for a glorious victory in Gaul. Upon arriving in Gaul Manius along with Tiberius Caelius, the Emperor's cousin, and the Fifteenth Legion march towards Narbon. Along the way the come across some of Draco's Legion who informs them that the Gaul's have them under siege in Avaricum. Manius and the Fifteenth march north to meet with this threat. Arriving to find Avaricum surrounded by nearly a hundred thousand Gauls, Manius devises a plan to destroy them. After splitting his forces and crushing the enemy, Manius takes command of the city and now prepares to continue his campaign against the Gaul.

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